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Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) is an organic thermoplastic polymer in the PAEK family.

Latest in PEEK

Impossible Objects Adds 3D-Printed PEEK Parts
According to the company, CBAM PEEK parts perform 30% better than standard CBAM parts.

High Temperature Laser Sintering Opens Up New Additive Manufacturing Possibilities

EOS Shows Potential of PEEK at PD&M/MD&M West
Laser-sintered craniofacial implants on display.

Victrex Peek Polyer Delivers High Heat Resistance
Polymer chosen by Dentronix to manufacture dental bite sticks.

VICTREX PEEK Polymer Offers Alternative for Gear Applications
High performance material meets the complex demands of gear wheels.

EOS and Victrex Develop PEEK HP3 Material for Laser Sintering
High-performance polymer is well-suited to complex applications.

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