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Batteries are energy storage systems that are key factors in the electrical powertrain design.

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3D Printing Powers Next-Generation Battery Technology
Blackstone Resources is leveraging a proprietary 3D printing process to give its new lithium battery cells an edge.

Lighter by Design
Generative design can help engineers meet new lightweighting requirements.

Altair Adds Battery System Simulation Software to the Altair Partnership Alliance
The CellMod Virtual Battery by Sendyne has been added to the APA. 

Internet of Things
Imprint Energy Offers Flexible Batteries for High-Volume IoT Applications
New battery developer’s kits enhance the design of next-gen applications.

3D Printed Graphene Recharges Battery Design
A 3D printed graphene technique developed by researchers from Virginia Tech and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) promises to revolutionize...

Researchers Print Wearable Battery
Researchers at Brunel University London announced they have printed a flexible, wearable battery that can store energy without chemical reactions.

Charging Up Product Design
Smart batteries are offering engineers a way to extend product life and improve applications.

Check It Out
Optimize Lithium-Ion Batteries with CFD
Designing safe and reliable lithium-ion cells and battery packs presents an array of engineering challenges. Here's a resource to address...

Engineering Computing
SC15 Video: How Berkeley Lab’s Electrolyte Genome Project Could Be Battery Game-Changer
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory scientist Kristin Persson says she can take some of the guesswork out of the discovery process...

Battery Library Offers Physics-Based Models
MapleSim add-on lets engineers include physics-based predictive models of battery cells in multidomain models.

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