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Polypropylene (PP) is a tough, flexible thermoplastic polymer; suitable for snap-fit parts.

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Shortening Production Processes with 3D Printing
Stratasys’ Connex enables French foundry to cut lead times from up to five weeks.

Stratasys Unveils 10 New 3D Printers
Company also releases new high-performance thermoplastic modeling material for FDM.

Fast App: Engineering a Safer Bounce
Springfree redesigns the backyard trampoline with optimization solutions from SIMULIA.

Quickparts Offers Polypropylene-like Material for Polyjet Prototypes
Objet DurusWhite FullCure430 material available for use.

New Polypropylene-like Material from Objet
DurusWhite FullCure430 is a new material offering the toughness, strength and flexibility of polypropylene.

New Polypropylene Sintering Material Demonstrated at DMS Expo in Japan
3D Systems will unveil exciting polypropylene sintering material on its Sinterstation Pro SLS System.

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First Concept Laser M Line Factory Systems to Roll Out in Q2 2019 
Modular system architecture with automation supports scalable serial production.

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LK Metrology’s new 8.5 version of their CAMIO CMM software has a range of...

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