Join us for the inaugural Digital Engineering Design and Simulation Summit on originally recorded on October 7, 2021. This one-day event included presentations from leading experts across the entire design cycle. Learn about the latest trends in simulation, design, additive manufacturing, engineering computing, and the digital thread.
This keynote session covered how digital twins impact the design and manufacturing process, how organizations leverage the data created by these models, and what enabling technologies will be required.
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Session 1

The Myths and Realities of Generative Design

Design processes have been disrupted by demands for faster product iterations, more complex products, and the increased integration of software, electronics, and mechanical systems. Learn how simulation-led design approaches and new technologies (such as generative design) are revolutionizing workflows and improving product quality.
Session 2

How Can Designers Really Take Advantage of FEA?

Simulation is being used more frequently throughout the design process, and increasingly incorporated into the workflows of non-specialist engineers. Learn how CAD and simulation tools are increasingly converging, how this affects design processes, and about emerging best approaches for bridging CAD and FEA.
Session 3

Designing for the Entire AM Process

Additive manufacturing has evolved from a niche technology for producing prototypes to a key enabler of digital manufacturing. Organizations in the aerospace, defense, automotive and other industries are printing both plastic and metal components for end-use applications. Learn about the challenges and best practices for design-for-additive-manufacturing (DfAM) in this session.
Session 4

Configuring the Right Engineering Workstation

Engineering workstations — from desktop systems to mobile computers — have seen an unprecedented boost in compute power over the past several years. Learn how to best take advantage of new high-powered CPUs and GPUs, and what you need to know to configure the right workstation for your engineering workflows.
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