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Keynote: Putting Digital Twins to Work

Join us for the inaugural Digital Engineering Design and Simulation Summit on Oct. 7 2021. This one-day online event will include presentations from leading experts across the entire design cycle. Learn about the latest trends in simulation, design, additive manufacturing, engineering computing, and the digital thread.

What is a digital twin? Is it a database or a dynamic 3D model? Michael Kapteyn, a MIT researcher working at the intersection of computational science, machine learning, and autonomous systems, brings clarity to the topic by highlighting the emerging modeling language, standards, and best practices.

He will also discuss how machine learning and physics-based modeling complement each other in digital twin deployment and ongoing maintenance.

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Speaker/Presenter: Michael Kapteyn

Postdoctoral fellow in the Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences

About Michael

Michael Kapteyn is a postdoctoral fellow in the Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences at UT Austin. He received his PhD in Computational Science and Engineering from MIT, where he was supervised by Prof. Karen Willcox.

He holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Auckland, and an SM in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT. Michael’s research focuses on developing the mathematical foundations and computational algorithms necessary to enable predictive digital twins at scale.

Moderator: Kenneth Wong

Senior Editor
Digital Engineering

About SimScale

SimScale has transformed CFD, FEA, and thermal simulation software from a desktop application into an online platform. Instantly access full-fledged HPC-powered simulation from your web browser. Import 3D models from your preferred CAD and start iterating in an easy-to-use interface. Run as many simulations in parallel as desired and reduce your time-to-result from weeks to minutes. SimScale empowers every designer and engineer to innovate faster by making high-fidelity engineering simulation truly accessible from everywhere, in the cloud.

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SimScale Resources

This whitepaper highlights the benefits of cloud-native engineering simulation using SimScale and describes how fast and accurate analysis types readily available to engineering teams allow them to simulate early in the design stage, throughout the R&D cycle, and across the entire organization.

Global engineering organizations recognize the benefits of simulation in the cloud and are rapidly adopting the SimScale platform as part of their product design and digital transformation strategies.

This white paper highlights the benefits of cloud-native engineering simulation using SimScale and describes the fast and accurate analysis types available to engineering teams by simulating early in the design stage, throughout the entire R&D cycle, and across the entire organization.

About Computer Aided Technology

Computer Aided Technology (CATI) is a nationwide team of experts in product development and product development technology and North America’s first and longest-running SOLIDWORKS partner. We want to help you take full control of your innovative process by leveraging the latest engineering and manufacturing tools.

Whether that means mastering the tools yourself or delegating to us as consultants, we offer complete software, hardware, and service solutions so that you can stay focused on what matters: making great products.  Our carefully selected brand portfolio focuses on world-renowned Dassault Systèmes CAD-CAE-CAM-PLM solutions, Stratasys 3D printers, and Creaform 3D scanners.

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Computer Aided Technology News and Resources

Learn more about CATI, our mission and values, and our product and service portfolios.

While simulation has expanded beyond being an exclusive tool for analysts, many companies continue question whether analysis is an effective tool for their business. Who should be using it? How can it impact your design, prototyping, and decision making? This paper will address questions such as these.

As market demand continues to grow, manufacturers struggle to increase production output with constrained assembly lines and resources, increasing regulatory requirements, and scarcity of raw materials. Learn more about the digital transformation that will enable your organization to be agile and run optimized and sustainable operations in order to become more competitive.

Digital Twin Resources

Valeo counts on Siemens PLM Software simulation solution to play a core role in its innovative product initiatives.

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