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Session 1: The Myths and Realities of Generative Design

Recent advancements in Generative Design (GD) have broken new grounds and unleashed the power of Additive Manufacturing (AM), but is it as easy to adopt as it appears?

Can the software-proposed shapes be manufactured as-is, or does it need to be refined by an expert?

What is the gap between what the software offers and how the users prefer to work with it?

Simulation software industry veterans Joe Walsh and Dr. Andreas Vlahinos give a frank, honest assessment of GD in its current stage.

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Speaker/Presenter: Joe Walsh

ASSESS Initiative CEO & Co Founder

About Joe

Joe founded intrinSIM in late 2009 to enable rapid next-generation application development for engineering software, and he also co-founded the ASSESS Initiative in mid-2016 to significantly increase the usage and benefit of Engineering Simulation. Mr. Walsh brings over 40 years of experience, expertise, relationships, and collaborations in the CAE, CAD, interoperability, and component software industries. Before founding intrinSIM, He was the VP of Business Development for Simmetrix, where he was responsible for sales, marketing, and business relationships. Before joining Simmetrix, he was VP of Worldwide Sales for IronCAD LLC, VP of North American Sales for DS/Spatial and Spatial Corp., Partner and Founder of New Renaissance, President/CEO and co-founder of FEGS Inc. the North American subsidiary of FEGS, Ltd. of Cambridge UK, President/CEO of PAFEC Inc. the North American subsidiary of PAFEC Ltd. of Nottingham UK, Director of Engineering Applications for Clevenger Corporation and Mr. Walsh has almost ten years’ experience in engineering analysis positions specializing in CAD/CAE integration, CAE automation, and design optimization. Joe Walsh holds an Architectural Engineering degree from Milwaukee School of Engineering.

Speaker/Presenter: Dr. Andreas Vlahinos

CTO of Advanced Engineering Solutions

About Andreas

Dr. Andreas Vlahinos is a CTO of Advanced Engineering Solutions. Andreas has concentrated on DfAM, Computer Aided Innovation, Generative Design, Lattice Structures, Simple Solutions to Complex Problems. He has been instrumental in rapid product development through the implementation of Computer Aided Engineering for several Government agencies such as NASA, NREL, SANDIA, DOE, NCDMM and US Army Aviation & Missile Command and several industry partners such as SpaceX, General Dynamics, United Launch Alliance, NAVISTAR Defense, etc.

He has been Professor of structural engineering at the University of Colorado. Several times he received the Professor of the Year Award. He has received the R&D 100 award and several patents. He received his Ph.D. in Engineering Science and Mechanics from Georgia Institute of Technology. Finally, he is regularly invited as a keynote speaker on a variety of subjects (Generative Design, Innovation, DFSS, DfAM, IoT) in international conferences.

Moderator: Kenneth Wong

Senior Editor
Digital Engineering

About Sigmetrix

Sigmetrix LLC is a software development company focused on providing easy-to-use mechanical assembly variation and tolerance analysis software for mechanical engineers. CETOL 6σ has been shipping to customers since 1992 and is distributed worldwide. Sigmetrix’ unique understanding of Six Sigma methodologies, CAD integration, and true assembly variation behavioral modeling has given the company a demonstrated leadership position in helping spearhead Six Sigma programs in our customer base.

5900 S. Lake Forest Drive
Suite 400
McKinney, Texas, 75070

Sigmetrix Resources

Sigmetrix CETOL 6σ Version 11.1 enables product teams to fully understand dimensional and assembly variation on all designs.

One of the picks will be chosen as DE’s Editor’s Pick of the Week.

CETOL 6σ v11.1 tolerance analysis software improves profile tolerances, section views and patterns, company says.

Design and Simulation Resources

In this Special Focus Issue, we take a look at new features and functions in design and simulation software, as well as the continued democratization of simulation beyond expert users, and the way that GPU acceleration has enabled real-time rendering.

In this Special Digital Issue, we compile some of DE’s coverage of the many ways that design engineers are working with the medical sector and healthcare providers to integrate the two specialties in ways that benefit society as a whole.

Recent advances in modeling and simulation tools based on an Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) approach provide an opportunity to relate process parameters to microstructure to properties to performance.

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