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microATX to Support Intel Core2 Duo and Quad Processors
New ITOX motherboard includes Intel Q35 Express chipset and RAID option.
New Appro Supercomputer Focuses on Value/TCO
AMD Opteron-based system touts management, scalability.
Sun and Microsoft Expand Investment in Interoperability
Sun Infrastructure Solution for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 now available.
GRANTA MI 2.0 Delivers Materials Information Management
Enterprise data management, CAE integration, and reference data (aerospace, energy, plastics, medical devices) stand to benefit.
Openmoko Lets Developers Design Their Own Phones
Openmoko unlocks Neo mobile phone industrial design for unrestricted download of CAD files.
FARO’s New Photon 3D Laser Scanner
Offer greater clarity, accuracy, and portability than previous versions.
IMSI/Design Launches Green TurboCAD Pro v15
New features include environmentally friendly content, BOM, parametric design, and more. New features include environmentally friendly content, BOM, parametric design, and more.
Spicer Software Streamlines Online Review
With improved format support, ViewCafe 4.2 simplifies workflows for engineering and enterprise content through collaboration.
Cortona3D Produces Technical Publications for Less
ParallelGraphics software could transform the way end users access and manage equipment technical data.
NEC Offers NP3151W Widescreen Installation Projector
HD video content is increasingly displayed in corporate and education settings.
Online Video-based Training for LabVIEW Developers
Enable Training and Consulting launches
IOGEAR’s Mobile Digital Scribe Frees You Up
Stores and converts handwritten memos and sketches to a PC for easy editing later.
Bunkspeed Launches Automotive & Transportation Division
New division to expand 3D rendering into U.S., Europe, and Asia. New division to expand 3D rendering into U.S., Europe, and Asia.
Lenovo’s New ThinkCentre Desktop PC Goes Green
Environmentally responsible computing uses recycled material from consumer plastics.
Autodesk Updates Add-in for AutoCAD
3D/2D ShareNow supports AutoCAD 2008 & 2009.

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Carbon Shares Platform Improvements
Company introduces new EPU 46 resin with color options.

COMSOL Announces Program for COMSOL Day: Aerospace & Defense
The event will explore multiphysics simulation applications and modeling topics supporting innovation and design in the aerospace and defense industry.

Keysight Highlights EDA 2024 Integrated Software Tools
This integrated EDA software is designed to increase productivity for engineers developing high-speed products in multiple applications, the company reports.

3D Systems Partners with Klarity
Klarity Prints, powered by 3D Systems, is a service-based line of 3D-printed radiotherapy accessories.

Altair Takes Home Awards from Fortune, Newsweek
Altair has been named to two lists that recognize companies that put employees first, Altair reports.

US DoD Deploys SPEE3D Printers to Ukraine
SPEE3D supplies 3D printers and training for Ukrainian soldiers and engineers to manufacture and repair military equipment in the...

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