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CD-adapco is a supplier of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and computer aided engineering (CAE) software.
Siemens Doubles Down on Digitalization with Acquisitions
Company shares its vision for integrating mechanics, electronics and software into its digital enterprise offerings.
Connecting the Digital Thread at Siemens PLM Connections 2017
Siemens PLM Software shares its vision for capitalizing on digital disruption at the Siemens PLM Connections conference.
Siemens Puts Simulation on the Path of Predictive Analysis
As the STAR Global conference convened in Berlin in March, users got their answers about Siemens' acquisition of CFD specialist CD-adapco.
Siemens Steps Up Industry 4.0 Vision With Mentor Graphics Acquisition
Siemens is broadening its software portfolio in an effort to conquer what it sees as the next big frontier: the industrial digital enterprise.
AI and CAE for the Olympians
STAR-CCM+ Keeps Pierre Guerin on a Competitive Edge
CFD simulations provide a robust tool for modeling systems and manufactured equipment.
Improving Prediction of Heat Rejection in Combustion Engines with Virtual Testing
InDesA GmbH uses STAR-CCM+ to decrease prototyping needs and improve simulation accuracy.
Notes from the Mesh-Making Frontline
A roundup of the latest efforts to improve meshing in simulation.
CD-adapco Launches STAR-Cast v11.02
The release includes general usability enhancements.
Simulation Software: A Price and Performance for Everyone
SMBs used to ask: Why? Now it’s time to ask: Why not?
STAR-CCM+ v11.02 Launches
Engineering simulation solution introduces new visualization technique for exploring and interrogating results interactively.
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Editor’s Pick: STAR-CCM+ v11.02
This release sports new data visualization and remeshing capabilities.
CD-adapco STAR Global Conference 2016 Recap, Part 2
Faster simulation yields faster designs for CD-adapco STAR-CCM+ customers.
CD-adapco STAR Global Conference 2016 Recap, Part 1
Change is in the air as CD-adapco announced new features in STAR-CCM+ and addressed acquisition by Siemens PLM Software.

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