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Cluster Computing

Mainstreaming InfiniBand with Software Automation
On-Demand Computing with Altair’s PBS Works
Tapping into private and public high performance computing systems.
Server Clusters: Flexible Performance
Clusters can provide much of the performance of a supercomputer costing much more, if you choose your systems and software right.
What’s Behind Digital Prototyping
With the help of fast and powerful engineering workstations and clusters, digital prototyping can dramatically shorten product design time.
Eurocom Offers 3TB of Notebook Storage
Uses four Seagate Momentus hard drives.
Editor’s Pick: BOXX Debuts 4880 XXtreme Workstation with New NVIDIA Quadro 5000
Company claims it's the "world's fastest" workstation.
Tektronix Commits to 200GHz SiGe Technology for Oscilloscopes
IBM 8HP silicon germanium technology enables future Tektronix oscilloscope performance speed increases.
Advantech Introduces PCIe-1744
High-speed analog input card has PCI Express interface.
BOXX Debuts 4880 XXtreme Workstation with New NVIDIA Quadro 5000
Company claims it's the "world's fastest" workstation.
Meggitt Sensing Systems Releases Endevco Model 6222S
Accelerometer designed for high-temperature gas turbine vibration monitoring.
Eurocom Adds 2TB of Seagate Momentus XT Solid State Hybrid Drives to Notebooks
Drives come in 500GB, 320GB and 250GB options.
Powergate Releases Tracopower THN-20
DC-DC converter features 20 watts in 1x1-in. footprint.
Optimize Your Design Investments
Put Your Idle Computing Cores to Work
Use distributed computing for faster machining.
HBM Introduces PW25 Platform Load Cell
Platform load cell has integrated overload stop.

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