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Best Buy Launches Eurocom Uno All-In-One PC
The Uno 3 has an integrated battery pack and is ideal for enterprise computing.
Intel Announces Next-Generation Xeon Phi Processors
Codenamed Knights Landing, the processor will be available as a standalone or in PCIe-based card form.
Corsair Ships Force Series LX Solid State Drives
Available in 128GB, 256GB or 512GB capacities.
Radius PRM Portable Workstation Now Available
Includes a built-in flip-up screen, up to 512GB memory and seven PCI Express 3.0 slots.
3DConnexion Announces the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless
Includes 2.4GHz wireless technology, new ergonomic design and 15 programmable keys.
Eurocom Ships Panther 5 Notebook
This fully-configurable laptop is equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M, a 17.3 inch screen and up to 3GB of DDR3 RAM.
Eurocom Benchmarks Shark 3 Notebook
Equipped with NVIDIA GeForce graphics, Trusted Platform Module and up to 5.5TB storage.
Varonis Updates DatAnywhere for the Private Cloud
Includes enhanced sharing capabilities and safety features.
Corsair Releases Flash Voyager GTX USB Drive
Available in 128GB and 256GB capacities.
Review: Dell Precision M3800 Mobile Workstation
This remarkably thin, lightweight system proves that you can be slim, fast and powerful.
Eurocom launches Shark 3 Notebook
Includes NVIDIA GeForce graphics, Intel Core i7 processors and 24GB memory.
Supermicro Introduces 1U, HDD Storage Solutions
SuperServer includes Intel Atom C2750 based serverboard, up to 3.6 in. HDD storage.
dSPACE Ships New DS1007 PPC Processor Board
Allows for Simulink model computation, long-term data acquisition and Ethernet connectability.
Eurocom Offers Trusted Platform Module” in its Systems”
Systems with the security platform include Panther 5E mobile server, W3 mobile workstation and more.
Allinea Adds Day-One Support for NVIDIA CUDA 6
Provides debugging capabilities for CUDA FORTRAN and OpenACC.

Latest News

Creaform Releases 10th Version of VXelements 3D Measurement Software Platform 7:0
New release offers cloud licensing, collaborative robots compatibility, new tools and functionalities.

Epson Now Shipping 44-In. Production Photo and Graphics Printer
The photo and graphics printer is the first available model in the new line of high volume production-class SureColor P-Series...

Quick Snapshot of NAFEMS Americas Regional Conference
Event covered range of topics in the simulation space, including electrification, autonomous vehicles and diversity in simulation organizations.

Nuts and Bolts of NAFEMS’ Acquisition of ASSESS
Two leaders of respective simulation organizations sit down to discuss details of NAFEMS acquisition.

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