AI-Tuned 3D Printers

Artificial intelligence-based pixel-tuning said to deliver high-quality 3D parts.

Artificial intelligence-based pixel-tuning said to deliver high-quality 3D parts.

The EnvisionTEC Perfactory P4K DLP (digital light processing) based 3D printers deploy a 4M pixel projector that delivers 2560x1600 pixel resolution. Image courtesy of EnvisionTEC Inc.

EnvisionTEC has introduced the Perfactory P4K series of 3D printers. The PK4 systems deploy digital light processing (DLP) technology and use a 4M pixel projector with pixel-tuning artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver what the company describes as extremely high-quality 3D prints.

The PK4 line's 4M pixel projector with UV optics is tuned to 385nm wavelength, an industry first according to EnvisionTEC. It delivers 2560x1600 pixel WQXGA (wide quad extended graphics array) resolution. The series offers a 25–150μm Z axis dynamic voxel resolution, depending on material. These characteristics, coupled with AI-based pixel tuning, deliver parts with extremely high-quality surface finishes, the company reports.

EnvisionTEC says that the PK4 systems can run 24/7 in a production environment for prototyping, end-use modeling and parts, casting as well as quick design verification. They're suitable for use in a diverse range of industries such as aerospace, automotive, consumer goods and manufacturing as well as education. Additionally, an assortment of build materials extends the PK4's flexibility for medical device, bio-compatibility, dental and hearing aid applications.

The Perfactory P4K is available in four models named to reflect their native pixel size XY resolution. Each has a different build envelope size. These are: 

  • P4K 35 – 35µm resolution; 3.5x2.2x7.9-in. (90x56x200mm) build envelope;
  • P4K 62 – 62µm resolution; 6.3x3.9x7.9-in. (160x100x200mm) build envelope;
  • P4K 75—75µm resolution; 7.6 x4.7x7.9-in (192x120x200mm) build envelope; and
  • P4K 90 – 90µm resolution; 9.1x5.7x7.9-in (230x143.55x200mm) build envelope.

EnvisionTEC reports that the systems use minimal components, making them user-serviceable. Material changeovers are said to be quick and easy. Material use does not require a vat.

The P4K 90's footprint is 28.7x18.9x63 in. (73x48x160 cm). The others have a 28.7x18.9x53.1 in. (73x48x135cm) footprint. All are on casters to facilitate relocation.

“The P4K is the highest resolution advanced DLP printer with the largest build envelope and deploys artificial intelligence in pixel modulation to deliver the highest accuracy parts with the smoothest available surface finish in the 3D printing space,” said EnvisionTEC CEO Al Siblani in a press statement.

Perfactory P4K DLP-based 3D printers are supplied with software to enable automatic support generation and model production.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company's website.

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