America Makes to Offer 3D Print Training

America Makes and UL have teamed up to offer UL's additive manufacturing training courses to members.

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is working with America Makes to scale its Additive Manufacturing training program. America Makes will make the program available to its member community.3DP_Advisory_Hero_Image_620x353px

“America Makes believes UL’s training and education program will make a positive contribution to the industry,” said Leanne Gluck, America Makes Deputy Director of Workforce and Educational Outreach. “America Makes, along with our members, supports the open exchange of additive manufacturing insight and research. UL’s training and education program is one additional way to create an adaptive and leading workforce and help advance the industry.”

The UL program includes foundational and hands-on 3D printing programs. UL is also developing customized education and training content for America Makes project teams. The hands-on courses will meet training requirements for individual projects that can then be utilized across both UL’s and America Makes’ training networks.

“UL is stepping up to bridge the knowledge gap that exists within additive manufacturing through the America Makes network,” said Simin Zhou, vice president of Digital Manufacturing Technologies at UL. “Together, we will support and grow the additive manufacturing workforce. As the 3D printing industry continues to grow, our training and education curriculum will adapt and develop to meet the needs of different organizations and the workforce at large.”

UL’s existing additive manufacturing programs include equipment and material compliance as well as printed part and product validation. UL also offers course on metal part production, additive manufacturing design and economics, quality and safety, and material selection.

UL partnered with 3DVinci Creations to launch training in Dubai and the Gulf Corporation Council countries starting this November. Materialise and UL also partnered to provide 3D printing training courses in Belgium.

In addition, UL has updated its 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Equipment Compliance Guideline with guidance on powder safety, use of 3D printers by children in schools, and machinery directive requirements.

Source: America Makes 

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