BETA CAE Systems Launches v19.1.0 of its Software Suite

This release of v19x provides enhancements in the recently introduced functionality of v19x series.

This release of v19x provides enhancements in the recently introduced functionality of v19x series.

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BETA CAE Systems kicks off  v19.1.0 of its software. Following are new tools and highlights

  • ANSA

In ANSA, apart from the continuous support of new keywords in all solvers, the software applications have also expanded to new domains, such as the Aeroelasticity for SOL 145, while tools recently implemented in the most recent v19.0.0 get upgraded: As representative examples can be considered the Homogenization tool of Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) in the Composites area that has been enriched with the RVE method for FE Homogenization and the FMVSS201U Interactive Marking in the Safety area with a Flow diagram of the Target Points for the calculation of both sides of the vehicle, according to the company.


The  FEA solver, EPILYSIS, comes with the support of Superelement Assembly basic functionality, exporting all matrices/information to .op2 and punch files, together with Topology Optimization with orthotropic and anisotropic materials and simultaneously fiber orientation optimization.

  • META

META now offers an enhanced experience in Virtual Reality via new handy features such as Fly Around, Teleport and Inspection Flashlight, providing illuminating examination of areas of interest, all these complied with enhanced animation performance in post-processing via the new Graphics kernel.

Moreover, new features per discipline have been introduced: Dedicated toolbars for Powertrain NVH analysis, a new Safety toolbar for the Compatibility Assessment of Mobile Progressive Deformable Barrier according to EuroNCAP 2020 protocol standards, while there are enhancements to the new solvers’ and file formats’ support in the CFD area: Fluent Adaptivity and *.hdf solver result files, OpenFOAM Adaptivity, STAR-CCM Adaptivity and xdmf2/xdmf3 file format (exported by SPH-flow and various CFD codes).


Closing with Tomography, RETOMO has upgraded user performance and experience via newly introduced manual tools and filters, photorealistic effects and handy tools such as the 3D selection, while the enhancements in the visualization quality and growth speed have accelerated the CT-scanned images workflow process.

Compatibility and Supported Platforms

ANSA files saved by all the first and second point releases of a major version are compatible to each other. New major versions can read files saved by previous ones but not vice versa.

META Project files saved from version 19.1.0 are compatible and can be opened by META version 16.0.0 or later. To be readable by META versions earlier than v16.0.0, they have to be saved selecting the option “Version <16.0.0”.

Support for Mac OS has been discontinued. Support for 32-bit platform has been discontinued for all operating systems.

More Info

BETA  CAE Systems

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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