Climbing the Optimization Mountain

Bringing together CAE, MDO and PLM components into a true, integrated multidisciplinary optimization framework.

Sponsored ContentThe ever-increasing demand for faster time-to-market and the push to produce better, cheaper results ignited the use of simulations and the democratization of complex engineering approaches within the CAE industry. Now the call is for collaboration between different domains’ analysts and design engineers to assess impact on products design changes as early as possible and operate within a more efficient process.

A collaborative environment where simulation and optimization knowledge is easily shared and ready to be re-used becomes essential. A software platform enabling real-time interaction between the design team and the experts with high performance optimization algorithms, integration and automation process, post processing results and visualization analysis tools is the answer.

ESTECO has been supporting engineers for about 20 years to make informed decisions on innovative ideas across multidisciplinary engineering practices. modeFRONTIER software platform offers a seamless coupling with third party tools, enables the automation of the design simulation process and facilitates analytic decision making with its multidisciplinary and multiobjective optimization solution. VOLTA helps manage all cross-functional concurrent design steps by integrating multiple modeling formats, while the service-oriented architecture facilitates the execution, sharing and re-use of enterprise engineering knowledge.

Their combined use offers a complete collaborative platform, easily connected to PLM systems, that facilitates the journey toward standardization and interoperability of processes and simulation data management.

“Bringing different disciplines together and pursuing novel methods to successfully exploit optimization tools throughout the simulation chain, is a tough mountain to climb,” says Mikael Törmänen, Technical Expert MDO at Volvo Car Corporation, speaking about how the company is extending the MDO approach throughout its entire product development process. ESTECO is leading this enabling technology for the shift that brings together CAE, MDO and PLM components into a true, integrated MDO framework, reducing the effort to reach the top of this mountain.


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