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Design Complete Interface Control Documents

Traditionally, one of the nastiest, time-eating jobs avionics engineers face is making an ICD (interface control document) to express their avionics system's architecture. That job just got simpler.

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Every second on an aircraft thousands of control, status and safety signals are transmitted to and from avionics systems. Thoroughly controlling and managing avionics systems through the design of well-integrated systems architecture is a bear, and creating ICDs (interface control documents) that express your system architecture can be an ugly, time-consuming business. But creating ICDs doesn’t have to be that difficult — today’s Check it Out link gives you the chance to learn.

When ANSYS released version 17 of its portfolio of engineering simulation solutions, it also made available R17 of its SCADE System Avionics Package for aerospace and defense embedded system design. The SCADE System Avionics Package works with the ANSYS SCADE system design environment and is intended to both extend and simplify the latter’s design capabilities for the unique needs of aerospace and defense avionics engineers.

The SCADE System Avionics Package provides things like templates to help you design systems that comply with standard avionics protocols and operating systems. It offers configurations that help engineers cope with communication protocols such as ARINC 429, ARINC 664 or CAN. There’s table generation for ARINC 653 specific properties as well as resource usage checks.

Simplifying how you go about creating ICDs sees many enhancements in R17. The upcoming “SCADE System Avionics Package: How to Design Comprehensive ICDs” webinar provides you an overview of the key enhancements in SCADE System Avionics Package R17. In particular, it will demonstrate how ANSYS SCADE System Avionics Package R17 can help you streamline your avionics systems architecture process with the creation of ICDs. The emphasis will be on how you can better understand and meet the requirements of various standard protocols, such as ARINC 653, ARINC 429 and ARINC 664, to ensure the integrity of safety-critical avionics systems.

ANSYS SCADE At the platform architecture level, the ANSYS SCADE System Avionics Package R17 enables representing computation of units, buses and switches; mapping software components to the hardware platform components; and defining ARINC 664 frames and virtual links. Image courtesy of ANSYS Inc.

Two live sessions, morning and afternoon, are scheduled for March 24th. If you can’t make a live session, ANSYS is always good at getting its webinars up into its on-demand library quickly, so keep this message if you need to access the link later.

Ensuring robust system management and control of aircraft avionics signals is one of the most complex jobs going, and one of the most critical. The upcoming “SCADE System Avionics Package: How to Design Comprehensive ICDs” webinar will show you how you can create ICDs with more confidence and less hassle. Hit today’s Check it Out link to learn more.

Thanks, Pal. — Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood

Editor at Large, Desktop Engineering

Register for “SCADE System Avionics Package: How to Design Comprehensive ICDs” here.

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