DfR Solutions Debuts Sherlock Automated Design Analysis

This CAD to CAE solution from DfR Solutions offers physics predictions and much more.

DfR Solutions, offers a major new release of its Sherlock Automated Design Analysis software, version 6.0, Sherlock for SolidWorks 3D CAD Integration.  This new release includes integration with SOLIDWORKS 2018 that now empowers all SolidWorks users with the ability to predict product reliability before a prototype is built. Sherlock users will now be able to use one tool to complete complex, 3D design and reliability analyses. This new feature is democratizing the process of electronics design by bringing analytical tools to everyday designers of electronics.

With the new Sherlock for SolidWorks 3D CAD integrated software, mechanical and electronics designers and engineers can now quickly and easily predict the reliable lifetime of entire PCBAs (Printed Circuit Board Assemblies) under real-world conditions, before a product is ever built.  Mechanical, electrical or reliability engineers, even non-FEA experts, can now import complex 3D objects into one tool and gain insight into how mechanical structures, such as enclosures, batteries, thermal solutions, chassis, displays and stiffeners influence and affect the robustness of electronics exposed to thermal and mechanical loads. This information is vital for simulating circuit card assemblies as close to reality as possible and improving overall product performance.

Previously, design and engineering teams had to use several tools to accomplish reliability testing of 3D objects. Now users of CAD/CAE tools like SOLIDWORKS, Sherlock Automated Design Analysis or any other FEA tool, can easily build complex assemblies and complete complicated reliability physics-based analyses with one, user-friendly tool.

Sherlock for SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD requires SOLIDWORKS 2018 and Sherlock 6.0. The SOLIDWORKS FEA package add-on is required.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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