Editor’s Pick: Technical Printing System Has Cloud Connectivity

The Océ ColorWave 500 is eco-friendly and suited for technical document applications.

A close-up view of the Océ ColorWave 500 large-format printing system. Image courtesy of Canon U.S.A. Inc.

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Printing system technologies today have revolutionized how we generate documents through a combination of functionalities and user conveniences that are thoroughly modern. Today’s Editor’s Pick of the Week is Exhibit A.

Canon Solutions America's recently announced Océ ColorWave 500 large-format printing system is a smart, compact and eco-friendly unit that prints, copies and scans monochrome and color technical documents like CAD or GIS files as well as color graphics. It has the speed and efficiency that should make it a good fit for workgroups or as a central print room workhorse.

The Océ ColorWave 500 printing system incorporates many communications technology conveniences. For example, it’s cloud-ready, meaning you can submit a print job from your smartphone or tablet while in your PJs gulping down your morning coffee. You can print from and scan to a cloud application of your choice. The secure cloud connectivity is unlimited, and, admins take note, it supports WebDAV and third-party services like Amazon, DropBox or Google Drive.

The Océ ColorWave 500 printing system also incorporates many of the conventions from your daily life, making its learning curve next to nothing. On its right-hand side, for example, this system has a tablet-like device. From its tablet-like user interface, you can do neat stuff like preview live documents, check a document’s position and even futz with files in your personal inbox.

Also cool is all the automation the Océ ColorWave 500 printing system has. It automatically selects print modes, positions images and determines the media roll. When you copy or scan, it automatically identifies a document’s width and compensates for wrinkles.

Canon U.S.A. Inc. Océ ColorWave 500 The Océ ColorWave 500 large-format printing system handles both black & white and color technical documents including CAD and GIS documents as well as color graphics. Image courtesy of Canon Solutions America.

Today’s Editor’s Pick of the Week write-up has more details on the Océ ColorWave 500 printing system. The link a the end of the main write-up takes you to a resource offering brochures, complete specs, white papers and information about toners, media alternatives and optional equipment. Make sure to watch the demonstration videos (registration free) located halfway down the page. (Hint: Find the line of tabs and click on the “Product Demo.”)

To grasp a CAD rendering or to render a graphic to hang on a wall, nothing beats a high-quality printout. The Océ ColorWave 500 large-format printing system will enable you to get that high-quality print using a combination of up-to-date technologies and user conveniences. Hit today’s Editor’s Pick of the Week link to learn more. Good stuff.

Thanks, Pal. – Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood

Editor at Large, Desktop Engineering

Learn about the Océ ColorWave 500 printing system here.

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