Gamma Technologies Achieves Hybrid Electric Vehicle Simulation

Simulation was completed by integrating GT-SUITE and Sendyne's Compact Physical Model battery.

Gamma Technologies and Sendyne Corporation are introducing a platform for comprehensive electric and hybrid vehicle simulation. This was developed by combining Gamma Technologies’ GT-SUITE vehicle simulation tool and Sendyne’s Compact Physical Model (CMP) based virtual battery back.

This technology, according to a company press release, provides multiphysics simulation, including engine, vehicle, electrical machines, cooling and aftertreatment systems.

The combination of software and CPM battery creates a simulation suite that can accurately predict interactions between multiple subsystems and energy paths. This allows for reduction in battery pack overdesign, plus thermal management analysis and control strategy optimization.

Battery simulation for hybrid and electric vehicles is usually performed via look-up tables and uncoupled equivalent-curcuit models — providing a large margin of error. Sendyne’s battery, the company states, is based on physics and measure data that provides macroscopic behavior modeling of all relevant observable. Each cell in the xEV’s battery pack is designed individually to reflect the statistical variation among cells.

“Reducing costs and improving the performance of power delivery systems is of critical importance to electric vehicle developers,” said Mike Arnett, senior engineer and application leader for HEVs at Gamma Technologies.

This technology will be presented at the IEEE Transportation and Electrification Conference iTEC2014 in Detroit from June 15 to 18.

For more information, visit Gamma Technologies and Sendyne.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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