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Infolytica Engages Community in Electromagnetics Simulation

Last November, Infolytica gathered customers, the academic community, and expert engineers for its annual Engage user conference in Miami.

Sponsored ContentLast November, Infolytica gathered customers, the academic community, and expert engineers for its annual Engage user conference in Miami, focusing on the trends and best practices surrounding electromagnetics (EM) simulation and design.

The annual confab was especially exciting given Infolytica’s recent news: It was acquired last fall by industry giant Siemens, expanding the company’s rich simulation software portfolio into the critical area of EM. As one of the pioneers in the field of simulating low-frequency EM, Infolytica’s MagNet, MotorSolve, ElecNet, ThermNet, and OptiNet simulation software is harnessed by manufacturers worldwide to predict EM and thermal performance. The simulation software has been instrumental in accelerating the development of electric machines and electromagnetic devices for companies across industries such as automotive, aerospace, and consumer electronics and for a wide range of products, including electrical appliances, medical devices, and power generation systems.

Infolytica’s new home is in the Mechanical Analysis Division of Mentor, which is a Siemens business unit. The software broadens Siemens’ Simcenter portfolio of simulation and test applications, which span mechanical, thermal, fluid dynamics, and electromagnetic simulations. The Infolytica software, combined with Mentor’s full-physics and integrated engineering solutions, will serve as a foundation to create new offerings in the electromagnetics and thermal engineering space geared to emerging areas such as the electrification of transportation and autonomous vehicles.

“From our inception, we were always dedicated to providing leading software solutions for the engineering community,” said Professor David Lowther, CEO and co-founder of Infolytica, which has long been a close partner to Siemens. “We are joining forces with a PLM market leader in Siemens to access new technologies, resources and market opportunities.”

Thanks to its rich lineup of presenters, Infolytica’s Engage conference showcased a wealth of best practices and interesting use cases for its EM simulation software portfolio. Here is a sampling of some of the presentations.

MagNet Tackles BLDC Motor Design in the World of Sleep Apnea

Eco-Energy and Beyond

Dynamic Fault Simulations of Synchronous Motors

Power Transformers: A Study in Lightning Impulse (LI) Modeling and Simulation

The Case of the Clawpole Transverse Flux Machine

Achieving High Gear Ratios for Magnetic Gearboxes

How to Tap MagNet’s Parameterization Function to Speed up Force Simulation

MagNet and Magnetic Levitation: A Deep Dive

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