Introducing SprutCAM X 17 and SprutCAM X Robot 17 CAD/CAM/OLP Solutions

SprutCAM Tech has released new versions of its flagship CAD/CAM/OLP software products.

SprutCAM Tech has released new versions of its flagship CAD/CAM/OLP software products.

Éncy is the SprutCAM X virtual artificial intelligence assistant. Image courtesy of SprutCAM Tech.

SprutCAM Tech's SprutCAM X 17 and SprutCAM X Robot 17 are CAD/CAM solutions for the next-generation makers and form a complete software ecosystem. SprutCAM X 17 and SprutCAM X Robot 17 are equipped with Éncy, the SprutCAM X virtual artificial intelligence assistant, relatively new to the CAD/CAM industry, which opens opportunities for G-code proficiency.

When iprogramming industrial robots that handle parts of shapes, dimensions and various materials, SprutCAM X Robot, a CAD/CAM/OLP solution, is a robotic milling application. Considering the range of applications of SprutCAM X Robot, including welding, additive manufacturing, pick-and-place, assembly, painting and trimming, the company positions SprutCAM X Robot as an all-in-one CAD/CAM/OLP solution for complex and creative robotic tasks.

SprutCAM X Robot 17 introduces new features:

An updated Point Pick and Place operation for moving objects from one location to another using a robotic arm. Now you can create any number of nodal points and move the end effector through them.

New Spray group operations, including Contour spraying, Surface spraying, Morph Spraying, and Rotary spraying.

Improvements in the Redundant Axes Optimizer function, including the display of periodic axes boundaries on the map.

An innovation in version 17 is Multiproject, which streamlines workflows for greater time efficiency and makes it easy to reuse similar approaches across multiple projects.

Another major addition is the Snapshots feature, which acts like an Undo function for the CAM workflow. It automatically creates event-triggered snapshots, offers quick Undo functionality through the snapshot list, and provides a snapshot manager for convenient previewing.

The Machine Setup File feature is a timesaver, especially for users who work on many projects with standard parts. It enables quick and easy transfer of machine digital twins, settings and tools from a ready-made template.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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