LIVE Webinar: Why System Simulation Is Critical

Why system simulation is the only way to accurately assess product performance (image courtesy of Siemens PLM Software).

Products become ever more automated and electrified. Only a system simulation approach will allow you to successfully handle this increased complexity. This will help you optimize mechatronic systems’ behavior earlier to reduce development time and costs as well as avoid recalls and the associated negative impact on brand image.

Whether you work for a supplier or an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), join this webinar for:

  • a live testimonial by Rohit Saha, senior technical specialist at Cummins Integrated Power (leading manufacturer of diesel, natural gas, hybrid and electrified power solutions);
  • examples of system simulation implementation by industry leaders;
  • the added value of deploying a large-scale system simulation approach;
  • engineering challenges that can be addressed with Simcenter Amesim software.
DATE: Thursday, May 31, 2018

TIME: 11:00 am ET/ 8:00 am PT/ 4 pm GMT/ 5 pm CET


Why system simulation is the only way to accurately assess product performance (image courtesy of Siemens PLM Software).

Panelists for System Simulation

Rohit Saha, Machine Simulation Senior Technical Specialist, Cummins

Rohit Saha is currently Machine Simulation Senior Technical Specialist at Cummins, focusing on industrial powertrains and transient response using system models of industrial machines. In addition to that, he is also responsible for 3D CFD system-level capability like under-hood cooling, and external aerodynamics on both on-highway and off-highway machines.

He has been providing engineering design and analytical services to Cummins’ OEMs for overall machine/vehicle multi-domain optimization since 2011. He has published over 10 international journal papers. He holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, and an MS in Mechanical Engineering from the Texas A&M University.

Hari Vijay, Portfolio Development Executive, Siemens PLM Software

Hari Vijay is Portfolio Development Executive at Siemens PLM Software. In his 17 years with the company, Hari Vijay has been responsible for technical and business development activities for their systems engineering solutions. Hari has a Master degree in Automotive Systems from Kettering University, Flint, MI. He has worked with several off-highway, automotive and aerospace customers in deploying the Simcenter system simulation solutions.

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