Materialise to Manufacture Eye Care Systems

HOYA Vision Care will produce its new diagnostic products using Materialise's additive manufacturing capabilities.

Materialise has teamed with HOYA Vision Care to provide additive manufacturing services for the company’s high-tech vision care solutions.

HOYA will work with Materialise to design and manufacture the solutions using parts created in Materialise’s certified additive manufacturing facility.


The first of those products include HOYA Vision Simulator, a virtual reality system that allows customers to test drive their new lenses virtually, and HOYA EyeGenius, an exam system for detecting and correcting fixation disparity. The Vision Simulator provides an accurate 3D representation of how the lenses will affect the patient’s vision. EyeGenius applies a new measurement system to calculate the ideal prescription for fixation disparity.

“In Materialise, we have found an ideal partner for co-creating, engineering and manufacturing new innovations that can quickly be brought to the market with the quality expected of the HOYA name,” said Felix España, New Media Manager EMEA for Hoya Vision Care, “Materialise’s design and engineering experts work closely with our own to identify the designs, technologies and materials needed to introduce true innovation into the eyewear industry and deliver a premium consumer experience. Materialise’s software expertise and manufacturing capacity are then able to turn these concepts into high-quality, end-use products in quantities that meet the demands of our customers.”

“HOYA has a known commitment to using creativity and innovation to become the leading company in niche markets, making them not only an ideal co-creation partner, but also a company ready to utilize Materialise’s certified manufacturing for high-quality, end-use products,” said Materialise Executive Vice President of Production, Bart Van der Schueren. “With the first products already making their way onto the market, with great initial feedback, together with HOYA we are proving the added-value that 3D printing is ready to deliver to the entire eyewear industry.”

Source: Materialise 

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