NCSIMUL Machine Upate Simulates Composite Lay-Up

SPRING Technologies partners with HACOMA on new solution.

SPRING Technologies partners with HACOMA on new solution.

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SPRING Technologies  has announced its NCSIMUL Machine Composites offering, which extends its simulation solutions to include composite lay-up. The new solution is backed with project engineering support from partner company HACOMA.

With NCSIMUL Machine 9.1, the latest version of its flagship machining simulation software, the company says it is applying its expertise in CNC program simulation (supporting ISO and other codes) to the process of manufacturing parts in composite materials.

NCSIMUL Machine users can simulate lay-up processes executed by Numerical Control machines (including robots), integrating technical publishing for documents such as work sheets, and automating numerous simulation process functions. The solution provides validation of CAM programs for material lay-up, precise positioning of the fiber ribbon and alarm systems, and dedicated 3D analysis tools.

HACOMA and SPRING also offer specific training in high-performance composites, from initiation into composites to the use of complex composite part design methods.

For more information, visit SPRING Technologies  and HACOMA.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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