PolySpectra NETHING.XYZ Aims to Democratize 3D Printing

neThing.xyz aims to make the process of creating 3D CAD models more accessible.

neThing.xyz aims to make the process of creating 3D CAD models more accessible.

A pipe with flange fittings. Image courtesy polySpectra.

3D printing materials producer polySpectra has recently launched a new software dubbed, neThing.xyz.

neThing.xyz aims to make the process of creating 3D CAD models more accessible to a bigger audience by leveraging artificial intelligence-driven generative design. Striving for simplicity and user-friendliness, neThing.xyz provides engineers and designers a tool for exploring new dimensions in the translation of digital concepts into physical reality. neThing.xyz makes advanced 3D design accessible to everyone, the company says.

With the launch of neThing.xyz, accessible at no cost, this offering allows users to explore its functionalities first. Upon registration, users can utilize various features, including prompting the AI to generate a 3D model based on their specifications. The platform also offers an augmented reality (AR) preview feature for users to visualize their creations on compatible devices.

Additionally, neThing.xyz provides users with the flexibility to customize the physical appearance of their 3D models, fostering a sense of creativity and personalization. Collaboration is encouraged through easy sharing features, allowing users to exchange their creations with friends.

One aspect of note with neThing.xyz is its user-modifiable nature. Users can directly edit the generated code, enabling them to make specific adjustments to the model based on their preferences. The platform supports various file formats, facilitating the download of creations as STL or GLTF files for further use or sharing. polySpectra has also introduced a practical feature that allows users to transition from virtual to physical creations. By clicking the “Make it real” button, individuals can initiate a 3D printing process through polySpectra’s facilities, transforming digital designs into tangible objects.

At RAPID + TCT 2023, polySpectra unveiled COR Bio, a Cyclic Olefin Resin with applications extending beyond traditional uses. Distinguished by its toughness, biocompatibility and autoclavability, this material is specifically targeted for medical device manufacturing. COR Bio’s variable rigidity and durability open possibilities in healthcare, consumer products and podiatry. 

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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