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Update Legacy Drawings with GTXRaster CAD 2022 Series

The GTXRaster CAD 2022 Series is equipped with raster editing features for automatic image cleanup and restoration.

The GTXRaster CAD 2022 Series is equipped with raster editing features for automatic image cleanup and restoration.

GTXRaster CAD 2022 Series for ZWCAD 2022 can convert old architectural files. Image courtesy of ZWSOFT.

ZWSOFT offers new GTXRaster CAD 2022 Series add-ons that are fully compatible with ZWCAD 2022. With this combo, engineers and designers can convert raster files to vector ones and edit them in a familiar CAD environment.

Quickly Open, Edit and Save PDF Files

With the new gPDFATTACH command, black-and-white scanned PDF files can be loaded into GTXRaster CAD 2022 applications. Instead of redrawing old files, users can directly edit them in ZWCAD.

The new gPDFSAVE command gives the ability to convert your old scanned images to output in DWG and allows you to edit and save your TIFF or CALS files to PDF format. You can also save multiple images as a single PDF file.

Enhanced Raster Editing

In addition to fast raster-to-vector conversion, the GTXRaster CAD 2022 Series is equipped with powerful raster editing features for both automatic image cleanup and restoration and helps users edit and save raster data efficiently. In particular, raster snap modes are now at your service, which means you can snap to raster objects just like using the Object Snap function for CAD objects.

Also, more raster objects such as blocks with attributes, angled texts and geometries can be converted into CAD entities correctly for further modification.

More Operating Systems and Flexible Licensing

If using the 64-bit Windows 10/8.0/8.1 operating system, the latest GTXRaster CAD 2022 Series can be installed smoothly without security permission issues. 

Manage licenses flexibly with the newly added Package and Borrow license options.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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