The Mars2020 Systems Engineering leadership wanted to define their technical baseline in an integrative, data driven manner, that would incorporate the inherited design with the new science instruments and Martian sample caching system. The team chose to leverage advancements in MBSE to garner a better understanding of the complexities facing the mission.
Join us and Elyse Fosse LIVE this October 8, 2019 and learn more about engineering leadership at California Institute of Technology's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
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Track 1

The aDRIVE Simulation Framework: Automated Driving Refined in Virtual Environments

Clearly simulation is necessary in addition to real-world testing in order to thoroughly validate vehicle features at higher levels of autonomy.
In this session, learn how Ford prototyped a flexible simulation workflow using an open source gaming engine.
Track 2

Applications of SPDM in Aircraft Structural Analysis at Embraer

Simulation processes used to analyze design changes are composed of chained applications that generate a sea of digital information — and keeping track of this information can be daunting.
In this session, learn how to effectively manage the cascading changes and the dependencies using the Simulation Process and Data Management (SPDM).
Track 3

Additive Manufacturing: Friend or Foe of Die Casting Manufacturing?

Additive manufacturing has been picking up steam and gaining momentum in many industrial sectors including die casting industry. There is a frequently asked question "when will the additive manufacturing replace die casting manufacturing?". Some people believe it is coming soon. This presentation will answer this question and clarify the relationship between these two manufacturing technologies based on the current state-of-the-art technology.
Track 4

Diffusion of Innovation Applied to Modeling & Simulation

The use of modeling and simulation has not become mainstream outside of automotive, aerospace and a few other industries. This is classic case of an innovation being em­braced by early adopters, but not by the so-called "early majority" and "late majority" — the vast majority of the potential users.
In this session, learn how to deploy the classic "Diffusion of Innovation" approaches to enable more people to participate.
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