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Remaining Productive During Lockdown
Remote collaboration, virtual GPUs and video conferencing help advance projects during the COVID-19 crisis.
NVIDIA and VMware Unlock Generative AI for Enterprises
VMware Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA allows enterprises to prep for generative AI; platform to support data privacy, security and control.
NVIDIA Unveils AI Enterprise Software Suite
Through an industry collaboration to develop an AI-Ready Enterprise platform, NVIDIA teamed with VMware to virtualize AI workloads on VMware vSphere with NVIDIA AI Enterprise.
Remaining Productive During Lockdown
Remote collaboration, virtual GPUs and video conferencing help advance projects during the COVID-19 crisis.
Simulation-as-a-Service On-Ramp
Read more on how network infrastructure affects small- and mid-size business access to cloud-based simulation and what is known as simulation-as-a-service.
GPU Splitting Leads to Lighter, Nimbler VDI
Honda R&D recalibrates virtual desktop infrastructure, enhancing data center efficiency by up to 40% with NVIDIA GRID and optimizing technology.
VMware Unveils IoT Management Solution
VMware Pulse IoT Center is a secure, enterprise grade IIoT infrastructure management solution to enable IT and OT teams to have complete control of their IoT infrastructure and things.
Dell Introduces the Dell Validated System for Virtualization
New systems and solutions to accelerate the adoption of converged infrastructure and simplify virtualized environments.
JPR Virtualize 2015: How to Woo the Dedicated Workstation Users
Virtualization Brings Engineering Computing Beyond the Desk
The workstation takes on a new life via virtual desktop infrastructure.
Dell, MSD Partners and Silver Lake to Acquire EMC
The transaction brings together giants in hybrid cloud, software-defined data centers and converged infrastructure.
Professional Machines at Consumer Pricing?
Entry-level workstations are challenging the notion of unaffordable professional hardware.
VMWare Launches Horizon 6 and vSphere 6
This release includes integration of NVIDIA GRID vGPU for enhanced graphics.
VMware Unveils New vCloud Air Mobile and Hybrid Cloud Services
Features include PrivateCloud onDemand, Air Object Storage and Enterprise Mobility Management.
A Map to Simulation on the Cloud
There are many routes to take, depending upon your compute needs.

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Next-GenStudent Competition Profile: NASA SUITS Competition

Diving Deep to Design Sustainable Ecosystems
Collaboration with simulation experts can lead to more sustainable design outcomes.

MachineWorks Releases Polygonica 3.3
Polygonica is a component software library.

Industrial Origami 3D Printing Takes Shape
STILFOLD sells its first “industrial origami” metal-folding machine to Georgia Tech’s School of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Ansys Simulation Picked by NuScale Power for Nuclear Technology
NuScale used Ansys to design and validate the engineering and safety of its small modular reactor under regulatory requirements,

Dassault Systèmes Releases SOLIDWORKS 2024
Company says new release enables users to create experiences smarter, faster, together.

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