Aras Introduces Supplier Collaboration Solutions 

Enhancing Aras Innovator PLM with supplier collaboration solutions supporting collaborative design and digital thread visibility.

Enhancing Aras Innovator PLM with supplier collaboration solutions supporting collaborative design and digital thread visibility.

Aras announces availability of its new Supplier Management Solutions for Aras Innovator. This suite of applications streamlines collaboration, assessment and connectivity with suppliers and original equipment manufacturers by providing secure, remote access to controlled subsets of digital thread and PLM information through configurable mobile-optimized web applications. 

Streamlined Supplier Collaboration 

Aras' Supplier Management Solutions empower organizations to collaborate more effectively with suppliers and OEMs via a unified secured environment, allowing all users access to a single set of processes and data that is up to date.  By facilitating communication, data sharing and connectivity across the full lifecycle of product development, organizations can achieve better visibility, data analytics and efficiency. 

“The integration of Supplier Management Solutions with Aras Innovator offers manufacturers a holistic approach to managing the entire product lifecycle, from design and development to procurement and production,” says John Sperling, senior vice president of Product Management, Aras. “By leveraging automation, collaboration, and data-driven insights, our customers can achieve greater efficiency and agility in managing their business while addressing compliance and sustainability objectives across product lifecycles.”  

Key Features and Benefits

  • Controlled Access: Provides secure, remote access to relevant PLM information for suppliers and OEMs.  This reduces program delays and ensures timely enhanced communication and trust between all users. 
  • Streamlined Communication: Facilitates bi-directional communication and threaded discussions between organizations and suppliers, resulting in quicker, better and transparent decision making. Inform suppliers of risks, changes to shipping addresses or company policies by sending Buyer Notices 
  • Configurable Applications: Customized mobile-optimized web applications to meet specific business needs and support processes, improving flexibility, productivity and performance.  
  • Document Sharing: Allows sharing of relevant supplier documents such as CAD files and product specifications to all stakeholders trusting in one source of truth. This results in improved pricing, timing and quality from suppliers. 
  • Platform Security and Compliance: Ensures a secure, traceable bi-directional exchange of information between supply chain partners. With automated processes for supplier quality and risk management, organizations can effectively address compliance issues and regulatory risks, maintaining consistent quality standards across the supply chain. 
  • Measure Supplier Performance: Monitor supplier performance with supplier scorecards allowing Buyers to compare and make more informed sourcing decisions. Issue suppliers corrective action requests (SCARs) and track progress through collaborative workflows.  

Availability and Resources

Aras’ Supplier Management Solutions are available now. Watch their recent webinar, Enhance Collaboration: Securely Share Product Data with Your Suppliers, to learn more about this suite of applications.  

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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