Creative Fields Releases CF-MESH+ 2.2

CFD meshing reportedly made simple with new release.

CFD meshing reportedly made simple with new release.

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Creative Fields, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) meshing software provider, has released CF-MESH+ 2.2. CF-MESH+ is a fully automated  CFD meshing software solution that features a set of tools and functionalities for generation of quality CFD meshes in arbitrary complex geometries of industrial interest.

CF-MESH+ 2.2 is the latest CFD meshing software version developed by Creative Fields. It comprises advanced meshing workflows with a front-end interface allowing for user experience and efficiency. The implemented methodology generates meshes with millions of cells within minutes for geometries of interest.

“Our focus was on helping users without much expertise in CFD meshing generate meshes with high-quality boundary layers in real-world industrial geometries,” says Franjo Juretic, head of Development and managing director at Creative Fields.

CF-MESH+ 2.2 features advanced meshing capabilities that allow generation of industrial quality meshes in fully automatic fashion. The meshing setup is designed to be simple and intuitive with an easy-to-navigate graphical user interface for novice users. The volume mesh density can be controlled locally by using a multitude of refinement sources available in CF-MESH+.

Other Highlights

Boundary layers: Automatic robust generation of smooth boundary layers is a feature in CF-MESH+. A simplified boundary layer setup & iterative boundary layer creation procedure is available where the user only prescribes the desired boundary layer number and thickness parameters.

Refinement: Simple creation of refinement regions to reduce the number of iterations required to generate the desired mesh is provided where the regions can be boundaries, selected patches/faces/edges/vertices, primitive objects, or auxiliary surface meshes. 

Anisotropic meshing: Object-based anisotropic settings and anisotropic grading are available.

Gaps and thin features: Global and local options are available to preserve or remove cells in thin gaps. 

Feature edges: Support of feature edges that need to be captured in the mesh.

Robust: Tolerant to poor surface quality. CF-MESH+ performs surface wrapping and volume meshing at the same time while requiring minimum user input.

Parallelization: Most of the meshing algorithms are SMP parallelised for maximum performance.

Input: Triangulated surface input formats: STL, STLB, FMS.

Meshing Algorithms: Cartesian 2D and 3D meshes, hexahedral meshes, tetrahedral meshes and arbitrary polyhedral meshes. 

More Info 

Creative Fields

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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