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Editor’s Pick: Large-Format Technical Print and Copy System

Océ ColorWave 650 prints in color and black and white.

Océ ColorWave 650 prints in color and black and white.

By Anthony J. Lockwood

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader:

Here’s a good one from a company that has been on a roll as of late.

LockwoodOcé recently announced the launch of its Océ ColorWave 650 print and copy system. The short of it is that this is a 42-in. large-format print system for technical users who need to print and copy a fair amount of documents—“mid-volume” is how Océ describes that angle of the unit. It can handle applications ranging from CAD and GIS to posters. It can reside in a centralized or decentralized print environment, and you can manage, print, and share documents from your desk using a web browser.

Basic specs include the ability to print up to 210 D-size prints per hour. Resolution is a nice 600 dpi. Its media capacity is two to six 11- to- 42-in. wide 650-ft. rolls ofpaper—and it has no problem with such specialty media as Tyvek and vellum. That means up to 13,650 sq. ft. of uninterrupted printing. The Océ ColorWave 650 has a top tray for delivery, and you can equip it with an optional online folder to create folded packages.

But, what’s really nice about it is that the Océ ColorWave 650 prints in black and white and color. It uses solid Océ TonerPearls toner and Océ CrystalPoint technology to deliver prints on plain paper. Your prints come out dry and ready to handle—none of that grabbing your document and smudging it. And it’s an environmentally friendly technology: no ozone emissions or odor, and you can toss toner waste in your regular office trash.

If you walk up to the system, it has an integrated user interface panel that’s been software-engineered for operational simplicity. You can scroll through menus, monitor media and toner stocks, perform maintenance, and so forth from the panel quickly. You can also define up to five copy and scan templates,  giving you one-button task execution of routine tasks.

So, let’s give this a quick recap: You can print or copy in color or B/W on a single fast, 42-in. system with good resolution and a large media capacity from your desktop. That means that you can get rid of multiple print systems and be more efficient. Couple the Océ ColorWave 650 with the company’s Océ TC4 scanner and you have a complete print, copy, and scanning system for all your technical documents.

You can learn more about the Océ  ColorWave 650 print system from today’s Pick of the Week write-up. Links are available for spec sheets and some of technologies leveraged by the system. Good stuff.

Thanks, pal.—Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood

Editor at Large, Desktop Engineering

Read today’s pick of the week write-up.

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