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Editor’s Pick: SimManager 2015

The release has tighter integration with Adams/Car, MSC One licensing and overall security updates.

SimManager creates a central, searchable environment for managing engineering simulation data and processes. Image courtesy of MSC Software Corp.

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Tony LockwoodEngineers generate mountains of FEA (finite element analysis) and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) data every day. Managing this heap of simulation data and easily finding what you need is critical for efficiency, productivity and error reduction. That’s what today’s Pick of the Week is designed to help you do.

MSC Software’s SimManager is engineered to help designers and analysts at outfits large and small manage their simulation test data and processes from the moment a project kicks off through printing the final report. SimManager is out in a new edition, 2015, and it seems pretty robust, especially if you rely on MSC’s Adams/Car to build and test functional virtual prototypes of complete vehicles and vehicle subsystems. More on that in a sec.

SimManager 2015 enables simulation data and process management in a centralized, searchable environment. It creates the infrastructure to store, protect and distribute simulation data and methods, which keeps everybody on the same page. It has features like audit trails, automatic job queuing and submission, role-based access control and object-level security. SimManager supports customizable workspace-driven access to data, processes, searches and navigation as well as multidisciplinary analyses, results comparisons and the like.

Quick aside: SimManager is, of course, tight with data from MSC’s heavy-hitting CAE solutions. But the SimManager platform works as well with data from third-party applications or even something you brewed in-house. It scales to fit your outfit’s needs, and it’s designed to mesh with workgroup and enterprise systems nicely. It’s also friendly for users to operate.

SimManager 2015’s full integration with the Adams/Car vehicle design and testing environment means that design teams have a platform for storing, retrieving and managing vehicle dynamics models. For example, you can retrieve, work on and publish models. Since SimManager is Web-based, sharing models with disbursed teams is a given.

SimManager 2015 also sees new features for better ease-of-use and collaboration. Security and general performance have been improved too.

MSC Software SimManager 2015 SimManager’s automated pedigree and audit trail tracking captures complete data and process trails. Image courtesy of MSC Software Corp.

The knotty assortment of complicated masses of simulation data and processes require a data management solution that understands how to handle them and enables users to leverage the data easily. That’s what SimManager is meant to do. Today’s Pick of the Week write-up provides more details on SimManager and the 2015 edition enhancements. Make sure to take in the on-demand webinar on the Adams/Car integration with SimManager (registration free).

Thanks, Pal. – Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood

Editor at Large, Desktop Engineering

Learn about SimManager 2015 here.

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