Elysium Takes a Platform Approach to 3D Data Interoperability

3DxSUITE is a single, modular platform that leverages all of Elysium’s interoperability products to support the model-based enterprise.

3DxSUITE is a single, modular platform that leverages all of Elysium’s interoperability products to support the model-based enterprise.

3DxSUITE is a modular platform that accelerates digital end-to-end processes. Image Courtesy of Elysium

As digital transformation of engineering processes continues to accelerate, reliance on 3D data is all the more critical. Yet interoperability and automation remain on-going challenges, requiring significant manual work dedicated to data repair and translation efforts and limiting how 3D data gets leveraged for downstream work.

It’s a problem that Elysium has spent years tackling through a spectrum of digital technologies, from data translation tools to verification, validation, geometry simplification, and data repurposing products. Now Elysium is taking a different, more modern approach to the problem by packaging its existing technology into a new platform, slated for availability in the spring of 2021, designed to deliver more automation and inter-connectivity between CAD data resources and downstream manufacturing processes.

“Interoperability has been our core value since the company started so nothing in the 3DxSUITE will depart from that fundamental mission of providing continuous interoperability improvements,” says Kentaro Fukuta, general manager, global business for Elysium. What has changed is Elysium’s ability to provide a modular and scalable offering via its platform approach. “3DxSUITE provides a single, modular platform encompassing all our existing products, from which users have the freedom to pick and combine, like building blocks, the digital tools that best suit their individual needs,” he explains.

With advanced IT solutions such as cloud applications and web-based portals now more available, manufacturers are using a wide variety of CAD software and PLM systems, and 3DxSUITE lets them take fully leverage those and take advantage of their 3D digital assets, Fukuta maintains. In addition, the platform provides a unified architecture for outgoing data across both processes and organizations.

“Our platform maximizes design and manufacturing throughputs, but minimizes overhead for implementation, integration, configuration, and upgrade to better enhance and maintain the digital end-to-end process,” he explains.

3DxSUITE will also help promote the transition to model-based definition and the model-based enterprise (MBD/MBE). One of the biggest challenges to that model lies with how to establish reliable digital end-to-end processes. “The companies that use 3D to design and manufacture products should not be tied to specific or “native” systems or tools,” Fukuta says. “Elysium 3DxSUITE removes the barriers between process, companies, and organizations. An enterprise, design house, or supplier can create the ideal manufacturing process that connects all kinds of information, systems, equipment, and people. Our solution provides true interoperability to enable digital end-to-end process with maximum flexibility.”

Watch this video to learn more about Elysium’s approach to solving 3D data interoperability challenges.

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