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FREE WEBINAR DEC. 14: Building Shared Context for Effective Digital Twins

In this Rescale webinar, learn how HPC and artificial intelligence can optimize industrial digital twins.

In this Rescale webinar, learn how HPC and artificial intelligence can optimize industrial digital twins.

DATE: December 14, 2023
TIME: 03:00 PM EST/ Noon PST

A convergence of technologies—High-Performance Computing (HPC), Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning (ML)—unlock new potentials in industrial digital twins.

The use of surrogate models, also called reduced order models (ROM), helps manufacturers concentrate on the critical parameters, but the training process can be data- and compute-intensive, adding to the data-management burden.

In this presentation, we cover:

  • How digital twin operators can take advantage of the latest computational architectures and tools to develop surrogate models.
  • How engineers can collaborate effectively using model-based design.
  • How enterprises can bring traceability and governance to simulation data.

Register for the webinar here.

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Sandeep Uranker
Product Marketing Manager

Sandeep Urankar is currently product marketing manager at Rescale where he helps the product management team understand market signals and owns the technical marketing of Rescale’s solutions.

Moderator: Kenneth Wong
Senior Editor
Digital Engineering

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