KISTERS 3DViewStation Exports Native Data to Minecraft NBT File Format

NBT export as a gimmick for gamers in the world of blocks.

NBT export as a gimmick for gamers in the world of blocks.

A new release from Kisters enables ability to load and rediscover your own 3D models in Minecraft. Image courtesy of Kisters.

Make the Minecraft world the way you like it. KISTERS 3DViewStation has a fun addition in store, the company reports. Its new addition enables ability to load and rediscover your own 3D models in Minecraft. What does this visualization tool from KISTERS AG have in common with this online game?

According to Jim Eardly, U.S. sales director for KISTERS, both are intuitive and easy to use.

“Use and learn instead of reading complicated tutorials,” Eardly says. “We don't want to withhold what has emerged as a positive side effect during the development of new features.”

Simply load a favorite model into 3DViewStation and save it back in Minecraft NBT format. The Named Binary Tag is a format used by Minecraft in its various files for saving worlds. It was originally developed by Markus Persson (Notch) to store properties in a tree structure.

The size of the CAD models can be chosen almost arbitrarily. “The new export function not only generates the appropriate NBT file in seconds, it also creates a 3D preview of the Minecraft model,” Eardly says. “3DViewStation also supports NBT reading, so the exported files can be checked before they are imported into the Minecraft world.” 

The 3DViewStation offers fast speeds when loading huge CAD models in a few seconds, according to the company. The 3DViewStation is an intelligent viewer for everyday work, and presents original gimmicks again that can be applied away from the professional world. 

3DViewStation ships with current and mature importers for a range of 3D and 2D formats including Catia, NX, Creo, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Inventor, Revit, JT, 3D-PDF, STEP, DWG, DXF, DWF, MS Office and more. 

The latest developments of 3DViewStation can be reviewed in more detail here. 

According to Eardly, KISTERS 3DViewStation is continuously enhanced in response to customer needs and requirements. It is available as Desktop, VR-Edition and HTML5 WebViewer product versions plus the online collaboration tool VisShare. All product varieties are intended to be used together with a product lifecycle management, enterprise resource planning or other management system product configuration or service and spare part applications, providing all necessary application programmable interfaces. 

For cloud, portal and web solutions, there is an HTML5-based WebViewer solution available, which does not require client installation. All file formats can be used in combination with the intelligent navigation and hyperlinking features to address the needs of complex integration scenarios.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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