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Metaverse, Sustainability, 3D Printing at NASA on Tap for DE Summit

The full virtual conference program has been announced for the second annual Design & Engineering Summit on Oct. 6.

The full virtual conference program has been announced for the second annual Design & Engineering Summit on Oct. 6.

The full list of presentations for the virtual Design & Simulation Summit on Oct. 6 has been announced. Sessions will include a keynote on the connection between digital twins and the Metaverse, along with presentations on 3D printing at NASA; sustainability in design; systems-level modeling and simulation; and selecting the right computer hardware for design and simulation.

This is the second annual Design & Simulation Summit, presented by Peerless Media and Digital Engineering. The half-day virtual event is focused on technology innovations that enable simulation-driven design and engineering applications.

The live keynote session at 1 p.m. EST on Oct. 6 will focus on real-world use cases that show the value of building digital twins that can be accessed and interacted with in the emerging virtual environments that have been dubbed the Metaverse. Daniel Isaacs, CTO of the Digital Twin Consortium, will lead this session, along with Digital Engineering Senior Editor Kenneth Wong.

Troy Peterson, SSI Vice President and a member of the INCOSE Board of Directors, will present the “Systems Level Modeling & Simulation Challenges” session. While many organizations leverage models in their development processes, the integration of these models is often slow, error-prone and done via ad-hoc processes. In this session, Peterson will explain how digital engineering can help address system complexity and enable digital transformation, and also share best practices and activities that are underway to help accelerate digital engineering adoption. (You can register for the session here.)

Sustainability has emerged as an important part of new product designs and manufacturing processes. In the session “Using Sustainability to Gauge Your Operational Efficiency,” Israr Kabir, senior manager for emerging technologies at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) will discuss how digital engineering, model-based engineering, and digital twins can boost lean practices and enhance organizational sustainability. (You can register for the session here.)

Advanced design and simulation require more compute power than ever before, so selecting the right engineering hardware infrastructure is critical. Designers can choose from advanced workstations sporting very powerful CPUs and GPUs, as well as leverage cloud-based compute resources and local clusters. Ryan Navarro, Product Manager for CFD Analysis at Hawk Ridge Systems, will lead a session titled “Hardware Recommendations for CAD and Engineering Simulation” that will provide guidance on choosing pre-built systems and specifying components for custom machines for CAD, simulation and rendering. He will also discuss the use of cloud-based CAD and simulation solvers. (You can register for the session here.)

Finally, Ryan McClelland, Research Engineer at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, will lead a session on the use of generative design technology, CNC and additive manufacturing or creating complex and lightweight designs. McClelland will discuss NASA Goddard’s Evolved Structures process, where applying these technologies to spaceflight structures resulted in 2x-4x improvements in stiffness/mass and a 5x-10x reduction in development time/cost. (You can register for the session here.)

You can ​​learn more about the virtual conference at, and register for all sessions here.

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