Nano Dimension, Semplastics Receive Grant for Ceramic 3D Printing in Aerospace

Grant to develop unique materials to build 3D low-density and high-thickness ceramic objects for space applications.

Nano Dimension, a provider of electronic 3D printing solutions, has received a budget from the Israel Innovation Authority to finance a project to develop 3D ceramic materials, which can be used in inkjet technology, allowing the printing of low-density and high-thickness objects for space applications. The total approved budget for this project is approximately $165,000, of which the Israel Innovation Authority will finance 30%. The terms of the grant provide that we will pay royalties on future sales up to the full grant amount.

The project is being done in collaboration with Semplastics, a supplier of engineered components for a range of industries, mainly semi-conductors. The project will focus on the use of Semplastics’ ceramic material precursors using NanoDimension’s 3D inkjet printing technology to build 3D high-thickness and low-density ceramic objects for aerospace applications.

The mechanical strength and thermal resistance properties of the ceramic materials make them a crucial element used for a variety of needs in the aerospace industry, according to the companies. 3D printing of high-resolution ceramic materials has the potential to allow the creation of complex geometrical shapes, thus allowing rapid and cheaper production of small batches of designated ceramic objects, used in the aerospace industry.

A ceramic material, developed by Semplastics and used in prototype space applications in cooperation with NASA, will be 3D printed for this project. A modified resin will be developed for the Nano-Dimension 3D printer during this project, resulting in a lightweight yet highly mechanically stable object, according to the companies.

For more information, visit Semplastics and Nano Dimension.

Source: Press release provided by the companies.

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