VOLTA and modeFRONTIER Release 2019 Summer Now Available

Enjoy VOLTA simulation process and data management, design exploration and optimization from your own application.

Enjoy VOLTA simulation process and data management, design exploration and optimization from your own application.

Image courtesy of ESTECO.

The new ESTECO VOLTA and modeFRONTIER Release 2019 Summer is now available with new improvements to further enhance the product development process.

With the new VOLTA APIs it is now possible to expand the Simulation Process and Data Management capabilities to external applications. Setting the optimization strategy is possible with the new Planner in modeFRONTIER and the new MANY algorithm allows the exploration of multidisciplinary design spaces. New charts enrich the web-based data analysis and visualization tools and a new direct integration node for mesh-morphing is available.


Enjoy VOLTA simulation process and data management, design exploration and optimization from your own application. Communicate from external systems with the new VOLTA APIs and manage the access to data and process in a secure way.

The new VOLTA APIs allow to integrate VOLTA and leverage its full potential directly from your own application. Use your preferred interface and rely on the highest security levels ensured by VOLTA. The different teams involved in the product development can focus on running simulations, applying optimization strategies and downloading results from a simplified interfacethat hides the simulation process complexity.

MANY-objective Algorithm​​

Make the best of the design space exploration when assessing the performance of multi-domain systems (i.e., vehicles, aircraft, appliances, industrial equipment). With the new MANY algorithm you can handle from four up to 15 objectives of multidisciplinary engineering problems while evaluating the behavior of products during the conceptual phase. Available in Manual, Self Initializing and Autonomous mode.

Welcome a new approach to perform design space exploration easily and fast, as an alternative to the workflow-based method. Gain better understanding of engineering problems and optimize the designs through a new user-friendly interface. Enter the new Planner environment in modeFRONTIER and explore the ability to manage simultaneously multiple scenarios and compare results all in one place.

VOLTA Advisor

Enhance your decision-making process by getting a comprehensive view of all design exploration and optimization data. Enjoy our wide array of web-based analytics and visualization tools, now enriched with five new plots:

  • 3D RSM Surface Chart: Visualize RSM models on a 3D Surface chart;
  • Function Plot: View the predicted response values as a function of input values;
  • Radar Chart: Identify which variables have similar values;
  • Contour Plot: Represent a 3D surface on a 2-dimensional plane; and
  • Multi-Vector Chart: See how vector components change across designs.

Check out meshing capabilities with new release. Image courtesy of ESTECO.

Benefit from the new seamless integration with Hypermesh, meshing software for multi-disciplinary finite element analysis. Easily tune the shape of a meshed surface with the aid of ESTECO intelligent algorithms. 

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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