3Diligent’s Manufacturing Network Expands to Nearly 250 Locations Over Six Continents

Company’s 3D printing, machining, casting and injection molding technologies allow on-demand custom part fulfillment globally.

Company’s 3D printing, machining, casting and injection molding technologies allow on-demand custom part fulfillment globally.

3Diligent has now qualified and networked digital manufacturing facilities on six continents. Its network of nearly 250 contract manufacturing partners spans more than a dozen countries and 1,200 machines.

This milestone means 3Diligent says it can now offer faster, more cost effective support to customers seeking a single partner for their global custom part manufacturing needs. Through its dynamic use of regional manufacturing facilities near the final delivery address, 3Diligent can cut down on delivery time and shipping costs. 3Diligent can also provide a single platform to track and manage digital manufacturing activity across the enterprise.    

“The promise and power of digital manufacturing — especially 3D printing — lies in its ability to quickly and easily get the same part made in different places using the same 3D design file,” says 3Diligent CEO Cullen Hilkene. “We are proud to have qualified and networked expert manufacturing partners around the world who are capable of making this vision of the future a reality.”  

The trend toward “distributed digital manufacturing” is accelerating as more companies consider computer-aided design (CAD) driven technologies like 3D printing and CNC machining to enable on-demand spare parts and even production runs. The “supply web” is emerging as a way to use these digital manufacturing technologies to increase agility and flexibility within a company’s supply chain.

“3Diligent provides companies a partner and ready-made fabrication network to deliver around the globe for their customers and their own internal operations,” says Hilkene. “This powerful combination of cutting edge equipment, material breadth, geographic coverage and consistent quality makes 3Diligent a category of one among distributed digital manufacturing companies.”

Companies can use the 3Diligent RFQ process to access its nearly 30 available manufacturing processes, including 3D printing / additive manufacturing, machining, casting and injection molding.  

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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