Aconity3D Establishes Partnership with UTEP and Keck Center for 3D Innovation

UTEP’s Keck Center is home to the first America Makes satellite center.

America Makes congratulates The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), a Platinum-level member of the Institute, and UTEP’s W.M. Keck Center for 3D Innovation, on the university’s agreement with Aconity3D, based in Herzogenrath, Germany, to function as its North American base of operations as AconityUS.

Aconity3D leaders say they were drawn to UTEP because of the prominence, expertise and facilities offered by the Keck Center. UTEP has been active in the revolution of 3D printing since 2000 when the Keck Center and UTEP’s College of Engineering made strategic investments in additive manufacturing technologies. Aconity3D also recognized UTEP’s collaboration with America Makes and the economic development impact of the affiliation as also positioning UTEP for this partnership.

Since 2015, UTEP’s Keck Center has served as an America Makes Satellite Center, expanding America Makes’ mission and its current regional, industrial and technological footprint to innovate and accelerate 3D printing and increase domestic manufacturing and economic competitiveness.

“The selection of UTEP and the Keck Center by Aconity3D is not a surprise to any of us at America Makes,” says America Makes Founding Director and NCDMM President and Chief Executive Officer Ralph Resnick, FSME. “Their superior technical excellence in additive manufacturing, outstanding educational program, and proven ability to have a positive impact on the El Paso region are well known and are the key differentiators that set them apart when we too selected them to be our first Satellite Center. On an economic development level, this partnership will further elevate the impact of the world-class research underway and performed by talent at the Keck Center that will continue to elevate additive manufacturing technologies and enable our nation to better compete in the global economy.”

“Our partnership with Aconity3D is a major milestone in that direction and is validation of all of our combined efforts,” says Keck Center Director Ryan Wicker, Ph.D. “The only way a company like Aconity3D would decide to come here is because of our technical strength in additive manufacturing, access to our graduating talent to meet their workforce needs, and the tremendous opportunities available for commercial success through collaborations with UTEP, as well as our affiliation with America Makes. We can apply this economic development model to build other businesses around their technologies, recruit other 3D printing businesses to our region and create new businesses from our own 3D printing technologies coming out of UTEP. As a research university, UTEP must be—and is excited to be—fully engaged in stimulating economic development for the benefit of our region and beyond.”

Of the partnership announcement, Rob Gorham, America Makes, executive director, adds, “Through our affiliation with UTEP and the Keck Center as our Satellite Center, we are acutely aware of the synergies, capabilities and talents that made them a standout as the leading contender to Aconity3D. We offer our congratulations to our UTEP and Keck Center colleagues in this partnership, wish AconityUS great success, and look forward to the opportunity of our own collaboration with them.”

Aconity3D develops laser-based 3D printing machines for fabrication of complex metal parts for use in airplanes, automobiles and medical implants. UTEP’s agreement with Aconity3D will further enhance its production and service operations, attract high-end jobs for engineering students in the community and advance the broader technology through meaningful research investigations, involving UTEP, Aconity3D, government agencies and industry.

The partnership’s long-term goal is also to develop a technical center and research space in Keck Center facilities, which will operate in tandem with Aconity3D’s German headquarters to sell and service its 3D printers for North America.

For more info, visit America Makes, UTEP and the Keck Center.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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