Aras Expands Subscription Offerings with Enterprise SaaS

Enterprise SaaS and DevOps deliver cloud-first platform with unlimited customization for global businesses.

Enterprise SaaS and DevOps deliver cloud-first platform with unlimited customization for global businesses.

Aras is expanding available subscription offerings to support the cloud requirements of the largest global companies. The new SaaS offering, called Enterprise Edition, now complements the existing Standard Edition (formerly Premier) and Free Edition. Enterprise Edition delivers full customization capabilities in an all-inclusive SaaS format with DevOps processes. The new subscription offer from Aras provides cloud capabilities for the largest enterprise deployments.


To make the cloud work for workloads at major corporations, Aras has created an enterprise SaaS offering that includes the following set of benefits:

  • Complete application functionality—Entire suite from global product development, systems engineering & simulation management to manufacturing process definition, quality and digital twins
  • Full integration capabilities—Direct connectors to MCAD, ECAD, CAE, MBSE, ALM, ERP, PDM and more
  • Total solution customization—Fexibility of the Aras low-code platform without limitations
  • Real DevOps processes—End-to-end, multi-environment CI/CD to support global Agile/SAFe teams
  • Secure data isolation—IP protection for supply chain collaboration
  • Upgrade control—Customer-scheduled updates with customizations contractually guaranteed to work

“The largest manufacturers have shown interest in moving some key product development processes to the cloud,” says Jeff Hojlo, research vice president, Industry Ecosystems & Product Innovation Strategies at IDC. “More complex supply chains, increased customer and partner-driven designs, and the demand for more customized local products drive the need to collaborate with a diverse global team. Cloud accelerates this ability and provides a flexible environment in which to evolve the product development process and overall business.”

Enterprise SaaS from Aras enables large companies to fast-track cloud modernization and replacement of legacy PDM systems. Alternately, if full replacement of existing on-premise legacy is not the priority, the flexibility and open connectivity of Aras enable cloud platform overlay scenarios for faster digitalization of strategic processes without the disruption of legacy replacement. For existing Aras subscribers running Aras Innovator in their own data centers, the move to SaaS can be easier.

In addition to the creation of the new, all-inclusive enterprise SaaS offering, Aras is providing flexible options for customers that want to use their own cloud subscription or perform their own infrastructure management. Aras has made Aras DevOps and Aras Managed Services available as add-ons to the Standard Edition subscription.

“Our commitment to resilience guarantees that cloud technology advancements will always be seamless for our customers,” says Peter Schroer, founder and CEO of Aras. “Our objective from day one has been to provide a future-proof platform that adapts to technology advancements so our subscribers can seamlessly move their unique processes forward to realize the benefits of digitalization without incompatibilities or upgrade obstacles.”

You can learn more about the new Aras Subscription offerings by visiting, contacting your local Aras representative, or joining us for our free digital event ACE 2021 on April 19-21, 2021.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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