CT Scan for Engineering Parts

Lumafield offers scanner to reveal hidden structures inside parts

Lumafield develops CT scanner for engineering diagnosis

Lumafield offers Voyager software for visualizing and analyzing the scan results. Image courtesy of Lumafield.

Lumafield, a startup founded in 2019, believes engineers can use a CT scanner for diagnostic purposes, not on themselves but on the parts they want to investigate and refine. The Cambridge-headquartered company asks, rhetorically, “What if you could diagnose problems with assemblies immediately? What if you could find invisible cracks that would otherwise lead to huge product recalls? What if you could understand changes in manufacturing lines over time?”

Their flagship product is the Neptune CT Scanner, complemented by the company's cloud-hosted Voyager software. The scanner “basically gives you an X-ray vision to figure out what's going on inside your products,” said Jon Bruner, Product Lead, Lumafield. 

In the video report above, Bruner discusses items that are suitable for scanning, the industries that have been using the company's scanner, and the features of Voyager software. 

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