GrabCAD Print Integrates With KeyShot Rendering Software

KeyShot by Luxion is real-time 3D rendering software that allows for intuitive designs and renders.

KeyShot by Luxion is real-time 3D rendering software that allows for intuitive designs and renders.

GrabCAD Print is 3D printing software for Stratasys 3D printers. Image courtesy of Stratasys.

GrabCAD Print by Stratasys makes it easier for designers to create realistic prints by integrating with KeyShot rendering software from Luxion.

KeyShot by Luxion is real-time 3D rendering software that allows for intuitive designs and renders. KeyShot allows for easy and high level manipulation such as: applying textures, bump mapping, accurate material assignments, color accuracy, high-speed realistic rendering and easy material editing.

In the past, one would have to resort to using multiple applications that would only have a few of the functions mentioned already to achieve their design goal. Since KeyShot uses 3D models for rendering, those same models can be used for printing.

Rendering and the 3D Printing Workflow

3D rendering software allows you to take a 3D model and view it in a 3D environment like the real world. With 3D rendering, you can insert a model such as a SOLIDWORKS, STEP or CAD file, customize the properties (such as the color, texture and lighting that it would be under, all within a digital yet realistic space.

This is essential for the 3D printing workflow because it saves time, effort and money, all without the trial and error of having to create multiple prototype parts and iterations. KeyShot is a designer’s go-to for creating prototype designs easily.

KeyShot also takes advantage of the power of 3MF file type for a part that needs to have every bit of model information. Customizing your model becomes as easy as dragging and dropping your material or color onto your part.

Keep it Simple

GrabCAD Print bridges the gap between 3D rendering and 3D printing while keeping it simple and clean. Your workflow becomes as simple as:

  • Create or import the part of your choosing into KeyShot
  • Customize
  • Export your part to a 3MF File
  • Import your design into GrabCAD Print and make it a reality

By using this new integration between KeyShot and GrabCAD Print, you can make your designs a reality and save time and money.

Try the 3D printing workflow by upgrading to the latest version of GrabCAD Print! Let us know what you think of this new workflow!

GrabCAD is a large global online community of professional engineers, designers, manufacturers and STEM students. The community offers three 3D printing software applications to aid in designs and 3D printing workflow. GrabCAD Print is free 3D printing software to simplify the Stratasys 3D printing workflow.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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