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Machine Learning

Siemens Acquires Solido Design Automation
Siemens buys Solido Design Automation, a provider of machine learning-based, characterization software.
Hands-on Machine Engineering
Student Design Competition Profile: The Rube Goldberg Machine Contest
Machine Learning Gives Us EDA Tools That Can Learn
The technology is making its mark on the semiconductor industry, opening the door for modeling and simulation to yield new levels of insight.
Dell EMC Solutions Bring Machine/Deep Learning to Mainstream
New Dell EMC PowerEdge C4140 accelerator-based platform for cognitive workloads, powered by NVIDIA GPUs and Intel Xeon Scalable processors, offers performance capabilities for machine and deep learning.
Accelerate Data Processing
Machine and deep learning applications call for more parallel processing.
AI Financial Advice
Research shows how HPC-driven artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to provide new opportunities for the banking and financial services industries.
The Complex Trade
High-performance computing is a growing dimension of high-frequency and high-performance trading in financial markets.
World Mobile Congress America 2017: Defining AI—The Ability to Evolve is Essential
Bright Computing to Support Ubuntu
With this integration, organizations can run Bright Cluster Manager Version 8.0 on top of Ubuntu, to easily build, provision, monitor and manage Ubuntu high-performance clusters from a single point of control.
IIC Debuts Smart Factory Machine Learning Testbed
Plethora IIoT and Xilinx lead IIC testbed is generated to accelerate machine learning for predictive maintenance in high-volume manufacturing, according to the company.
Supervised Machine Learning
Many of the old rules that guided software development do not apply to the testing of machine-learning algorithms.
Machine Learning Changes Everything
Tools can help design engineers understand machine learning control mechanisms.
ANSYS RedHawk-SC Software Enables Machine Learning
New software also offers elastic compute and big data analytics capabilities for chip-package-system designs.
Connectivity, Smart Software and Machine Learning
IoT efforts can be complex, but breaking them down into piecemeal projects makes these efforts far simpler.
Give it Up for PTC’s Next-Gen PLM Concept Built on IoT
PTC CEO Jim Hepplemann wove together the company’s forays into IoT, machine learning and analytics, augmented reality, 3D printing, application lifecycle management (ALM), and industrial connectivity.

Latest News

HP Acquires Remote Computing Platform Teradici
Acquisition will strengthen hybrid work offerings.

Ansys 2021 R2 Accelerates Engineering Exploration, Collaboration and Automation
The latest release increases data visibility and reuse for materials, digital twin components, electronic components and compliance initiatives.

Prototek Acquires Midwest Prototyping
Combined companies will provide sheet metal, CNC and additive manufacturing services.

New Dry Cabinet for 3D Printing Filament
BigRep SHIELD is a large-format cabinet for optimal material storage.

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