Dell EMC Solutions Bring Machine/Deep Learning to Mainstream

New Dell EMC PowerEdge C4140 accelerator-based platform for cognitive workloads, powered by NVIDIA GPUs and Intel Xeon Scalable processors, offers performance capabilities for machine and deep learning.

Dell EMC announces new machine learning and deep learning solutions, in its effort to deliver high-performance computing (HPC) and data analytics capabilities to mainstream enterprises worldwide, the company reports.

The new Dell EMC Machine and Deep Learning Ready Bundles are part of a new portfolio that aims to democratize HPC and help customers achieve faster, better and deeper data insights, the company notes. These Ready Bundles combine pretested and validated servers, storage, networking and services optimized for machine and deep learning applications. The new Ready Bundles offer the following capabilities:

  • Identifying, analyzing and automating data patterns to enable customers to do more with their data in a wide range of applications such as facial recognition for security.
  • Using the knowledge and experience of Dell EMC and its  ecosystem of technology partners helps customers get the most out of machine and deep learning solutions quickly.
  • Enabling customers to reduce the costs associated with moving significant amounts of data in hybrid cloud environments while minimizing risk and maximizing data control.
Dell EMC Deep Learning Ready Bundle includes the introduction of the Dell EMC PowerEdge C4140 server, supporting latest generation NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU accelerators with PCIe and NVLink high-speed interconnect technology. This new offering is an example of the Dell EMC and NVIDIA strategic agreement for joint development of new HPC, data analytics and artificial intelligence products and solutions.

Dell EMC also plans to introduce Ready Bundles working closely with Intel technology. Dell EMC and Intel have embarked on a Joint Innovation Agreement to collaborate on advancing artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning.

The new Dell EMC PowerEdge C4140 server is an ultra-dense, accelerator optimized server platform. The PowerEdge C4140 features two Intel Xeon Scalable Processors and four NVIDIA Tesla GPUs to deliver optimized performance for cognitive workloads, the company reports. The new PowerEdge C4140’s acceleration technology is made for intensive machine learning and deep learning applications to drive advances in scientific imaging, oil and gas exploration, financial services and other HPC industry verticals, according to the company.

The Dell EMC Ready Bundles for Machine Learning and Deep Learning will be available in the first half of 2018 through Dell EMC and its channel partners. Dell EMC PowerEdge C4140 will be available worldwide in December 2017.

For more info, visit Dell EMC.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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