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Free Model-Based Development Software

Altair also makes OpenMatrix computational programming language open source code.

Altair also makes OpenMatrix computational programming language open source code.

Part of Altair’s Model-Based Development software suite, Altair Compose provides capabilities for running math calculations and scripting. It also lets you analyze, process and visualize data from CAE simulations and test results. Image courtesy of Altair Engineering Inc.

Altair Engineering has introduced free Basic Editions of its Model-Based Development suite. Simultaneously, the company has open sourced its OML (OpenMatrix Language) source code. Altair says it took these actions to help accelerate the time to benefits from Model-Based Development (MBD) as well as to make MBD more open and more accessible.

Altair Activate

The Altair Activate Basic Edition tool enables modeling, simulating and optimizing multi-disciplinary systems-of-systems. It comes with Modelica standard libraries for 1D physical modeling. Image courtesy of Altair Engineering Inc.

Altair's MBD suite comprises three solutions: Altair Compose, Altair Activate and Altair Embed. The Basic Editions are available without license, subscription or maintenance fees. Each Basic Edition application can be downloaded free of change. These editions include complimentary online training videos through Altair’s solidThinking open Learning Center for Model-Based Development. More advanced features and professional support are available with the Professional Editions, which extend the Basic Editions' capabilities by enabling access to the Altair HyperWorks CAE reader's capabilities and other higher-end technologies.

With Compose users can perform various math and linear algebra equations and functions, including matrix analysis and differential equations, according to Altair. Additionally, users can filter signals, fit polynomials through data, approximate or check results from an external simulation solution and perform optimizations. Compose also enables access to the entire OML open matrix language, including bridges to Python, using its Compose Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Users can import and execute scripts from third-party tools such as MATLAB.

A multidisciplinary system simulation tool, Altair Activate provides an open, flexible tool for quickly modeling and simulating products as multidisciplinary systems in the form of 1D models (signal-based or physical block diagrams). With it, users can leverage Modelica standard libraries for 1D physical modeling. Activate supports mixing signal-based and physical modeling in the same diagram.

Activate Professional Edition can connect with Altair's MotionSolve for controlled multi-body dynamics and with Altair Flux for controlled motor dynamics models. This property, Altair explains, enables multidisciplinary system simulation through model exchange or co-simulation. As well, the Professional Edition offers Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) standard support, which enables model exchange or co-simulation connections to non-Altair tools that support the FMI standard.

The Basic Edition of the Altair Embed graphical environment for model-based embedded system development supports block diagrams and state charts. This software will automatically generate on ANSI C from diagrams. Image courtesy of Altair Engineering Inc.

Altair Embed is a visual environment for embedded system development without requiring manual coding. Embed can generate code from block diagram models and transfer the code to an associated hardware controller automatically. With it, users can simulate dynamic systems such as continuous or discrete-time behaviors as well as event-based behaviors. The Basic Edition of Embed supports connectivity to Arduino microcontroller hardware; the Professional Edition extends the range of supported microcontroller units. Additionally, users can perform interactive hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing with the Professional Edition.

The OML open-source programming language is a matrix-based computational engine. It, as well as its library of built-in functions, can be used as is, or it can be extended with specialized functions, algorithms and toolboxes developed by individual users as well as the OML community. Interested users and contributors can download the OML source code from the OpenMatrix website

“From the beginning, Altair’s MBD solutions have involved open standards like Python scripting, Modelica modeling and Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI),” said Brett Chouinard, president of Altair in the release announcement. “Altair is now open-sourcing its open matrix language—a high-level, matrix-based numerical computing language—to encourage interested scientists and engineers to expand the language, add toolboxes and employ it for their math modeling and simulation tasks.”

The free Model-Based Development Basic Editions are available immediately.

For further details on the Altair's free Basic Edition Model-Based Development suite, click here.

Watch an overview of Altair Compose.

Download the Altair Compose data sheet.

Watch an overview of Altair Activate.

Download the Altair Activate data sheet.

Download the Altair Embed data sheet.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company's website.

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