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Rescale Announces Boom Supersonic Partnership, Project Vahana Collaboration
Rescale in collaboration with Boom Supersonic (to leverage cloud high-performance computing for design and optimization of its new supersonic passenger jet), and A3's Project Vahana (which aims to introduce an autonomous, pilotless aircraft.
Rescale Introduces CST Studio Suite to ScaleX Cloud Platform
New partnership with Rescale and CST will enable engineers and scientists running simulations in CST Studio Suite to access HPC network via Rescale’s platform.
Rescale Debuts ScaleX Labs with Intel Processors and Architecture
The collaboration is designed to bring next-generation computation power to the cloud, the company reports.
Preconfigured HPC for Simulation
Specialized middleware, license negotiations and workflow management tools distinguish turnkey HPC vendors.
EDEM Brings GPU-Optimized Solver Engine to the Cloud
The addition of an integrated GPU solver to Rescale gives users shorter time-to-answer and enables a deeper impact on design innovation, according to the companies.
Thermal Simulation and Wearables: Too Hot to Handle, Too Bright to Watch
Thermal simulation of wearables must tackle tight corners, personal preferences and interdisciplinary communication issues.
University of Chicago Launches Startup to Offer On-Demand Supercomputing
Parallel Works, a startup spawned by the University of Chicago and Argonne National Labs, is the latest to bet on the SMB supercomputing market.
Rescale Hosts First-Ever Rescale Night San Francisco
Attendees learned about the latest advances in HPC and cloud computing.
Rescale Looks to the Era of Big Compute, Launches Online HPC Community
Rescale Announces European Office
The location in Munich will serve EMEA markets.
Rescale, ANSYS Partner
This brings ANSYS simulation software and Elastic Licensing to the Rescale cloud.
Rescale Certifies IBM Cloud as Computing Provider
Companies will be able to select IBM's bare metal cloud servers to run computations.
Cloud HPC Makes Simulation-Driven Design Optimization More Accessible
New initiatives are offering a range of hardware and software for all.
Navigating the Remote Computing Jungle
Your roadmap through the acronym-infested remote computing landscape.
COMSOL Multiphysics Available on Rescale
This lets engineers access simulation capabilities on an HPC cloud.

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