Autodesk Netfabb 2019 Enhanced by Simulation and Latticing Features

Netfabb simulation uses a multi-scale modeling approach.

Image courtesy of Autodesk.

Autodesk's latest release, Netfabb 2019, updates two signature Netfabb features: simulation and latticing, in addition to offering new features for improved productivity—from new support actions, to machine workspaces and new cloud viewing.


Cloud based, multi-scale, metal powder bed process simulation is now available for Netfabb subscribers beginning at the Premium tier.

Netfabb simulation uses a multi-scale modeling approach. For accuracy, input machine parameters and material properties to develop your PRM file. Simulate large complex parts with a fully predictive part-scale simulation that captures the complex thermal and mechanical interaction between parts during the build process. The cloud credit cost for a PRM file is fixed, but part-scale simulation is dependent upon the complexity of your parts. When you submit a simulation, you will receive a price for the simulation cloud credit cost and have the ability to proceed or stop.

In addition to cloud-based simulation now being available, the PRM library has been redesigned to give visibility into process parameters to edit PRM files directly from the library.


Latticing is another advanced functionality of Netfabb with a new improved ease of use. Also manual latticing is available to customers subscribing at the Premium tier. Now all Netfabb lattice functionality is accessible from a single location.


Netfabb 2019 comes with a few key productivity-related features:

  1. Re-play function: Change in geometry from the design team after your support strategy is already finalized? Press re-play and your manual or script-based supports will regenerate to support the new structure.
  2. Delete supports by criteria: No need to delete supports one at a time—you define the criteria for deletion and it’s done.
  3. Shared viewing and cloud storage: Load your file to cloud storage and share a simple browser-based link. Anyone can view your files and make comments so you can get into production more quickly.
  4. My Machines workspace: Streamline your process by defining only the machines that you have access to. Categorize your machines by functions and assign repair or support scripts accordingly.

In addition, Netfabb 2019 includes a new workspace for the DMG Mori Lasertec 30 and features updated Form2 integrationgiving direct access to Form2 from Netfabb.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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