Z-SUITE 3.0 BETA Features New Functionalities

Zortrax shares Z-SUITE 3.0 BETA with new, previously unavailable functions.

Zortrax shares Z-SUITE 3.0 BETA with new, previously unavailable functions.

Zortrax shows new seam types in software update. Image courtesy of Zortrex.

Zortrax invites users to test out the new version of the software focused on its 3D printing solutions. Zortrax shares Z-SUITE 3.0 BETA with new, previously unavailable functions, which allow users to prepare models for 3D printing more effectively.

One new capability is printing with multiple contours. Users can now improvedurability and precision of models by increasing the number of printed contours. Z-SUITE 3.0 BETA also introduces changes and improvements to the key parameters, including Infill and Seam.

Some new functions in the program are 3D printing using the so-called multiple contour. The Outer walls function implemented in the update allows users to easily reinforce 3D models by increasing the number of outer walls while choosing the print settings. Changing this parameter brings benefits inbetter mechanical strength and dimensional accuracy of prints, especially around holes and overhangs. The prints with more outer walls can be processed mechanically or chemically with greater freedom, and can also be assembled into one object from several separate elements.

The newly released version of Z-SUITE also gives users a greater choice of Infill patterns in the printed parts. The three new types appear in the Print settings step: Gyroid (Patt. 4) intended for printing models that have to be resistant to forces applied along all three axes; Triangular (Patt. 5) recommended for such models that have to show better compression strength to forces applied perpendicularly; Concentric (Patt. 6) is useful for printing models with high infill density, as well as many narrow and small elements.

The next changes relate to the settings that give users more control over the location of the Seam. The program includes three new Seam modes—User specified, Inner Corner and Sharpest Corner. The seam can appear in specific areas of the model without affecting overall aesthetics of the final print. 

In the Thin Walls section, there appears a Print Too Thin Walls check box. Now each wall with dimensions in the range of 0.4 to 0.8 mm will be printed with one path to obtain quality and accuracy. Walls with dimensions smaller than the given range will be thickened to approximately 0.3 mm.

“The open beta tests of Z-SUITE have been launched as a stage of improving the target software versions. Thanks to that, the recipients of the solutions offered by Zortrax actively participate  in the development cycle of our slicer. We collect the opinions from Zortrax 3D printers' owners in order to adapt each update of the program to the real needs. The latest Z-SUITE 3.0 BETA version gains functionalities that have not been present so far, bringing significant benefits to the work with our equipment,” says Michał Siemaszko, head of Research and Development Department at Zortrax.

People who want to become testers of the latest Z-SUITE version can download the program from the “Downloads” section at the Zortrax Support Center. To start the installation, enter your e-mail address in the pop-up window. To report comments and bugs, users can go to the Report a bug option. By clicking the appropriate button, users will be redirected to the forum dedicated to the specific version where it is possible to file a report. Z-SUITE 3.0 BETA supports all the previous language versions.

To become a BETA tester, click here. 

An article covering the most important features of Z-SUITE 3.0 BETA can be found on the Official Zortrax Blog. 

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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